4 Reasons Why You Should Donate to American Red Cross Centers


Are you trying to pick a charity to be involved with this year? With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try to pick just one charity to help. However, there?s one charity that does so much for communities all across America no matter the hour of the day or the day of the year at that?s the American Red Cross. No matter what else is happening in the world, the American Red Cross opens its doors to people in need and is willing to do what it can to give back and help others.

Interested in learning more about American Red Cross donations
and why you should consider choosing this as your charity? Keep reading for a list of reasons why you should donate clothes and others items to an American Red Cross donation center near year.

1. The American Red Cross never closes its doors

One reason the American Red Cross remains one of the top charities in the United States is due to its commitment to help others. For example, there isn?t a day of the year the the American Red Cross shuts up shop. It doesn?t matter if it is a national holiday or there is an awful storm. The American Red Cross knows people are always in need, especially on holidays or during natural disasters. That?s why they keep their doors open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

2. They offer a variety of items and services to those in need

The American Red Cross is more than a clothing donations center
. In fact, the American Red Cross donations can range from clothing, to household items, to blood. Generally speaking, the American Red Cross focuses on distributing clothes and blankets to those in need. Additionally, the charity provides shelter and blood, as well.

With more than 15% of those living in the United States suffering from having no home to live in, a charity like the American Red Cross can do so much good by providing shelter for those who are chronically homeless.

3. Your donation can be tax deductible

On top of knowing that you helped out those in need in America, any American Red Cross donations you make are also tax deductible. That means the next time you are cleaning out your house to throw away old clothes or items you don?t use anymore, consider donating them instead. You can earn money back on them by simply giving them to someone who could appreciate the clothes donations. There?s no reason to throw away perfectly good gently used clothing and items.

Keep track of all the items you donate and their value for your taxes at the end of the year. Then, you can write them off. That makes your American Red Cross donations worth twice as much.

4. It is a highly ranked charity in the United States

Another reason the American Red Cross should be at the top of your list of charities to donate to is that it?s ranked the 13th largest in the United States. This is in regards to private donations received to the charity. In 2014 alone the charity brought in around $687 million. With so many donations every year, it?s easy to see why so many people value this charity and want to support its ability to continue helping those in need and communities all across the country.

Don?t make picking a charity to donate to more complicated that it needs to be. Go with your cut, and know that whatever decision you make, you are positively impacting those around you. By donating old clothes and gently used items an American Red Cross near you, you are helping to improve so many people?s lives every single day. With more than 70% of those living in the United States going out of their way to donate every year, it\’s no surprise that charities are able to continue giving back to so many in need.

Have you recently donated to an American Red Cross center near you? What items did you donate? Let us know about your experiences picking a charity to donate to this year.