6 Birthday Party Ideas Bound To Thrill During The Winter

Celebrating birthdays is a norm worldwide. This is a day that everyone looks forwards to and plans effectively as well. To many people, birthdays are not just celebrations but a mark of how far they have reached in life. Celebrating a birthday also means planning well and putting several factors into consideration. One needs more than custom birthday t-shirts and a few friends singing for them.
When planning a birthday party, seek the right information and knowledge as there are variables to note. With the availability of the internet, you can now visit the best birthday websites and learn more about how to plan the best party. You can also utilize the availability of the best party decoration websites to understand the different deco and designs you can consider for the birthday party.

Taking time to research and gather information over the internet also helps you find the best place to buy birthday decorations that will fit the day\’s theme. Without decorations, you would not have a birthday party but just a normal party. You need to find balloon supplies online and make an order early. This is important as you need time to put the decorations, including the balloons, early to create the right ambiance and set the birthday theme for everyone.

It\’s easy to plan a summer, spring, or fall birthday party, right? There are some easy themes to follow. During the springtime, the world is beautiful, and the weather is borderline perfect. It\’s a great time to take your kids to visit the zoo for their birthday, or simply run around outside, perhaps taking advantage of a bounce castle. During the summer, your child is able to go outside and swim, or perhaps enjoy a beach trip for their birthday. And depending on when your child was born during the fall, you may even be able to plan a Halloween-themed birthday party for them, or otherwise something incorporating the fall harvest.

Winter is a bit more difficult. For one thing, the pandemic has made throwing a birthday party in general extremely difficult, let alone during the winter. It\’s important for you to keep in mind that a lot of party ideas will either need to be streamed so that people far away can see what your child did for their birthday, or kept isolated to the family or your very close immediate circle. But just because your child\’s party guests may be limited to you and their siblings or very few friends this year, doesn\’t mean that you can\’t make it special!

Winter is also packed full of holidays. Thanksgiving takes place at the tail end of fall, right when winter begins creeping around the corner; and in about a month after, you\’ll be dealing with Hannukah and Christmas, and after that New Year\’s Day. So yes, there are a lot of obstacles to thinking of birthday party ideas during winter, as opposed to the spring, summer, and fall. But all of us, especially children, want to see our birthdays properly acknowledged. In fact, a recent survey revealed that about 71% of people of all ages love celebrating their birthdays. Your children shouldn\’t have to share their birthdays with holidays or be forced to stay indoors, looking outside and wishing that they could do more to celebrate their own birthdays. There are things that you can do in order to ensure that a birthday is special. Let\’s look into some of them below.

1. A Baking Party


Finding a theme when thinking of birthday party ideas during winter can be tricky at first, but you\’ll soon discover that the winter months yield more in that direction than you may think. What is one thing that we tend to do during the winter, which kids invariably love? Baking! Kids love the products of baking, like cookies and brownies, and there are so many fun winter-themed baking ideas. So why not let them be a part of the process? A baking party can also be as small as you need it to be, limiting your group to family if necessary and as is probably advised in a post-pandemic world. But you can still make it fun and different from a normal baking experience for your child. You can buy chef\’s hats and aprons for the kids in your circle cheaply in order to make it all feel special, and let the birthday boy or girl make the call on what kinds of cookies or other sweet treats they\’ll be making.</p.

Though you\’ll probably want to keep the recipes somewhat simple, decorating is where the kids can go wild, putting their own unique stamps on their treats. You may even want to have a baking contest, dividing the group into teams with a taste test at the end. If you\’d like, you can use a t-shirt printing service to differentiate between the teams, maybe with a fun baking theme like Team Snickerdoodle versus Team Marshmallow. Of course, should this all sound a little overwhelming for you, you can also book a remote baking class for kids, ultimately making the process simpler.

2. A Snow Day


This is going to be dependent on where you live, the weather, or how far you\’re willing to go when brainstorming birthday party ideas during winter. And when we say go, we literally mean how far you\’re willing to travel. But if you\’re close to the mountains or skiing areas in general, you may be able to book a day for your child and their friends or family to play hard in the snow. If your child is passionate about winter sports, or if they haven\’t been able to experience much time playing hard in the snow before, they can have a great time either way. The more advanced young skiers can perhaps have a great time on the bunny slopes, while you could also arrange skiing lessons for your child\’s birthday. However, this can be more labor intense and isn\’t going to be the right option for every child, so you should check in with them first.

There are tons of snow-themed activities that are going to be great birthday party ideas during the winter regardless of your child\’s age or ability. Your child doesn\’t have to be particularly athletically inclined in order to go snowmobiling with the help of a professional. A chartered snowmobiling ride with a pro could be an amazing way for your child to have fun in the snow. They could also go tubing down a snowy hill, which is simple, old-fashioned, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Of course, those that are interested in really going all out can also consider a horse-drawn sleigh ride over the snow, or even a dogsledding experience, though these are again dependent somewhat are where you live. Even going outside and making snow angels or a snowman is fun enough for kids; so upping the ante for a snowy birthday party is an idea that can\’t go wrong. Furthermore, staying outside makes it easier to keep everyone distanced.

3. Camping

What if your child loves the great outdoors but lives somewhere wherein winter is chilly, but not snowy? This doesn\’t have to stop you from indulging in some amazing birthday party ideas during winter, especially for your family alone in order to keep numbers down during COVID-19\’s era. Camping is an amazing way for your child to enjoy the outdoors, and it doesn\’t have to start during the winter. Thermal camps make it easy for you to set up camp outdoors without letting in too much cold, though of course, you\’ll need to double-check on the day of to make sure that it\’s still safe for you to camp outside. Bring winter-friendly sleeping bags, coats, hats, and gloves and prepare for a cold but fun night that your child will never forget.

The great thing about camping outdoors during the winter is that everything is somewhat heightened. It gets darker outside earlier, you can set up a campfire, and roast s\’mores, and have a thermos full of hot chocolate ready to keep you warm. Of course, you could do all of this at a campground, though some close down during the winter depending on where you live. But if you\’re planning a party for kids, it might be a better idea to host the party in your backyard. That way, you can make sure that if and when they want to come inside and warm up, it\’s easy. However, if your child has their heart set on camping above all other birthday party ideas during winter, you don\’t need to turn them down outright because of a fear of the cold. A few hours camping outside in the backyard may very well be enough for them!

4. A Spa Party


For those of you who\’d prefer to keep your birthday party ideas during winter indoors, have no fear! There are so many ideas for you to take advantage of. There are a lot of conveniences to keeping a birthday party indoors, especially during the winter. You can decorate the awnings of your house with birthday balloons and streamers so that it all feels more normal to your child post-pandemic, and it\’s often easier to supervise things when they\’re all occurring in one place that you\’re familiar with. A spa party can be even more appealing because it keeps everyone warm and encourages a sense of relaxation, even if your kids aren\’t necessarily on board with the idea of chilling out.

You can buy so many kits online that are perfect for spa parties. These help kids make their own body scrubs, lip balms, and even perfumes, adding to the idea of relaxing and enjoying a day at the spa. You can use footpaths to enhance the experience, offering manicures and pedicures to the birthday boy or girl and perhaps even putting on a movie so that everyone can relax while they\’re getting their facials.

5. An Arts And Crafts Party

The artistically minded children may not mind having their birthday parties indoors due to cold weather. If your child already loves to make art, this makes narrowing down birthday party ideas during the winter a lot easier. Of course, the key is planning a party that is less messy, and luckily there are some design services that can help you throw an arts and crafts-themed party without making a huge mess. You could go the traditional painting or drawing route, though if you choose the former you\’ll definitely want to invest in easels, palettes, and smocks so keep the children\’s clothes from getting smudged with paint.

But you could also encourage them to make crafts in a different way for your birthday party ideas during winter. Think about buying some kits that will help them safely embroider their own stuffed animals, or perhaps put together a birdhouse or dollhouse. In recent years, terrariums have become popular among young kids, as have fairy gardens that they can essentially design in one big bowl. You could also look into beading, painting t-shirts, and or even working on posters. If you\’d really like to get tech-savvy, you could have kids design their own posters and then send them off to a poster printing service so that they all ultimately end up with their very own posters!

6. A Special Movie Night


Right now, going to a movie theater isn\’t super accessible for everyone, even if you need to stream it. But that doesn\’t mean that it can\’t be a part of your birthday party ideas during winter! For one thing, if you have a fairly large living room or a finished basement and a larger flat screen TV, you can simply group everyone in a socially distanced manner around to watch a fun movie or two for the evening. Make it even more special by making it seem like a movie premiere night; roll out the red carpet, and have everyone dress up and take pictures in front of birthday banners, maybe even in a rented photo booth! Top this all off with some movie theater-style buttered popcorn, and perhaps add some other toppings and concessions as well.

You could take this party plan a little bit further by hosting the movie outside if you\’d like, and if the weather permits. Throw up a screen outside; you can often make one yourself if you have enough fabric. You can project the movies onto this screen, and have everyone bundle up and sit distanced on blankets in the grass, perhaps adding hot chocolate to their popcorn and other snacks. Of all the birthday party ideas during winter out there, this one is deceptively simple. But if your kids love movies and you can get your hands on one that they really want to see, it can be quite a crowd-pleaser.

At first glance, it may seem like there aren\’t a lot of birthday party ideas during winter available, especially now. But this simply isn\’t true. Your child doesn\’t have to have a birthday themed around the holidays; nor do they necessarily need to spend their birthday walking through a winter wonderland. It just takes a little bit of extra ingenuity to find something that is both accessible and safe for this winter, and entertaining. Keep in mind that your child may not necessarily understand why there are fewer guests, or no guests at all, this year. Explain why the best that you can, but focus otherwise on creating amazing family birthday party ideas during winter that are otherwise no different from what you would do any year!