7 Things People Want in New Homes


Looking at homes for sale? Hopefully, you\’ve identified what you want in a home. Or maybe you are looking to sell your home. Whichever side of the houses for sale spectrum you fall, it\’s good to know what people in America are looking for in new homes. Read on for some of the top things people want in their real estate:

  1. Lots of people want brand new homes. By brand new, we mean homes that no one has ever lived in before. Nearly 50% of all buyers, according to Zillow, want this kind of a home. The market for newly constructed homes and townhouses is high.
  2. Location has always been important, and that has not changed. An Urban Land Institute survey saw 50% of respondents telling them that they want a place with high walkability when looking at luxury homes or other homes for sale. In fact, most people are willing to put up with some imperfections in the home itself if they love their neighborhood and have good neighbors. Anything in the home can be changed, but you have no power over the neighborhood or the neighbors. The noise levels, traffic patterns, pet situation, walkability, access to shopping and schools, and location relative to public transport are all important to Americans looking at homes for sale.
  3. Energy-efficiency is more important than ever before. In the past, this wasn\’t even a question for people looking at new houses. Now nearly half of all buyers are very interested in newly constructed homes precisely because they tend to be far more energy-efficient than older homes.
  4. People are strongly divided on lighting; but it\’s important to everyone. Some people want a bright and airy look to most of the house. Other people prefer a cozy, private den. It may be impossible for anyone home to cater to all preferences, so maximizing what anyone home does have is key. another thing buyers will look for is plenty of fixtures or electrical outlets that they can use to make the lighting just what they want.
  5. People are very interested in closets and storage space. Older homes tend to have less storage, but the modern life needs plenty. Many of us are interested in sports and other leisure time activities that take particular gear that needs a place to live whenever it\’s not being used. While it\’s always possible to add storage space later, most people don\’t want to cut into their living space that way.
  6. An efficient floor plan is key. People are increasingly intolerant of a waste of space. The floor plan needs to maximize the owner\’s ability to enjoy the space, and that means efficient use of space and no weird cornerings that cut off bit parts of a room. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is also important to everyone when it comes to space in homes for sale.
  7. The kitchen is the heart of the home. As people learn the value of healthy eating and strive to teach their kids good eating habits, too, the kitchen has become, if anything, more important than ever. Because a kitchen is expensive to remodel, no one wants to go into a buy knowing that they dislike the kitchen. A good kitchen is key for everyone looking at homes for sale.

Whether you\’re looking at homes for sale or trying to sell a house, knowing what people are looking for can be key to making the right decisions. Everyone wants the home of their dreams: these are some of the features those dream homes need to have.