8 Reasons You\’ll Love Using a Cane


A lot of people find they need to use a cane but they balk at the thought. They think that it shows they are losing some of their independence and that they are not as mobile as they once were. The good news is that there are a lot of different canes to pick from and great things about using a cane. There are some decorative walking canes that people like to carry around just for the look. The Mighty published its list of why you should not dread using a cane.

  1. They are great accessories. If you look online, you will find a large selection of decorative walking canes. There are a wide array of stylish walking canes that can complement any style or outfit. Some people who need to use a cane find that, like glasses, they do not just want one. No matter what your style, you will be able to find designer walking canes to match it.
  2. They can help improve your stamina. There is a reason that people on a long trek will use walking sticks to make it easier. You do not have to need to use a cane in your normal life to get some benefit from using walking sticks when you are trekking. Using a cane for walking can do something similar. It will allow you to walk farther with less energy. Your body does not need to use as much energy when you are getting around.
  3. They can help you protect yourself. Whether you are walking home late at night or are on a hiking path, you can use your walking cane to fend off an assailant if that would become necessary. Some people even go so far as to say that a walking cane is really a stick that says \”do not mess with me.\”
  4. They can promote mindfulness. Most of us are always in a hurry. When people use decorative walking canes, they are often forced to slow themselves down a bit. Part of this is because many people who use canes will add rubber stoppers to the bottom of the cane to make it more stable. That makes it easier to trip over the tip of the cane and people walk slower as a consequence. For the author of the piece on canes, this slowing down gave her the opportunity to pay more attention to what her body needed and to how she was feeling. She thinks of this as one of the real benefits of using a cane.
  5. It can give someone a bit of mystery. People do not think twice when they see an older person using a cane but what about younger people? Many younger people suffer from movement disorders, have had injuries, or have problems with mobility for other medical reasons. When these people are seen walking down the street with decorative walking canes, people wonder about it. Maybe those people are spies!
  6. You can use them to kill bugs and spiders. If you do not like to have to kill spiders or bugs but find them in your home if you have a cane, you can use that to kill it without ever having to touch it.
  7. You can use them to keep animals at bay. There are a lot of areas and parts of the country where dogs are allowed to run around off leash. Most are friendly but even friendly dogs can be a nuisance. If you are walking through the park and are approached, you do not have to hit or hurt the dog to keep it away. Many will stay away at the sight of a cane.
  8. It can help you escape from danger. If you are in the back of your apartment and it catches fire, you may not be able to go through the front door. You can use your cane to break out through your window. If you need to get out through a closed window, your cane can save your life.

When people first hear that they may benefit from using decorative walking canes, they are not thrilled about it. The thing about using styling walking sticks does not have to be a bad thing. There can be real benefits to having a cane.