A Private Performing Arts School Is Perfect For Young Artists Why You Should Switch In 2020

Schools come in many different shapes and sizes. Your job as a parent is to find the unique match that suits your child\’s needs. Not what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

Whether your child is a budding artist or needs to make new friends, the advantages of attending private schools know no bounds. The private school model is designed from the ground up to deliver on all fronts. Your child will not just receive better grades, but will start to tap into what makes them unique. The best private education isn\’t difficult to come by in Florida. Before you commit to any decision, however, consider reading below to learn about how such a school model works.

Is it worth making the switch to a private performing arts school? Let\’s take a look.

The private school model is slowly, but surely, becoming the preferred educational method for today\’s parents. It simply offers more benefits in the same amount of time it would take to receive a public school education. Higher SAT scores, more extracurricular options, and smaller classroom sizes are a few positives that can change the way your child looks at education. Some private schools are even designed around a future major. The performing arts school and art high schools are prime choices for the budding artist.

Private schools, despite their title, are not rare. It\’s estimated 25% of all American schools are of the private model — a 2016 study found nearly three million students enrolled in private elementary schools. Another 2015 study saw 85% of five year-olds enrolled in preprimary programs, to boot. One of the many wonderful parts about the private school system is that it can be started at any time. A toddler starting to reach preschool age and a teenager with just one year left can both benefit from a performing arts school.

Good grades aren\’t the only important part of schooling, but they\’re how parents and teachers gauge a student\’s learning abilities. It\’s estimated the national average private school SAT score sits at 1235. This is higher than the national average for public schools, which has remained steady at 1060. Counselors at private schools also say they spend around 55% of their time on college-related counseling, compared to 50% of public school counselors. The more fuel your child has for the future, the better.

The advantages of private schools extend well beyond the school itself. Parental involvement is heavily encouraged, both to keep students motivated and to make sure children are learning at home. An educational study found nearly 25% of public school teachers reporting a lack of parental involvement in their school, with just 3% of private school teachers claiming the same. You\’ll be asked to attend more meetings, speak with more teachers, and have a stronger perspective on the educational experience overall. It\’s all in the little details.

A private performing arts school could make a world of difference. Taking the first step means reaching out to the best preschools in Coral Gables and asking for a tour. A representative — or a teacher — will walk you throughout the school and provide you an insider\’s look at day-to-day function. You\’ll learn about college counseling opportunities, available extracurriculars, and various daily resources. If your child has any learning disabilities, be sure to share them so you can get the full picture.

The best private elementary schools are ready and waiting to enhance your child\’s life. See what a simple switch to a private performing arts school can do to improve their grades and change their perspective.