Activities For The Whole Family To Enjoy

While the kids are off from school and the weather is getting nicer, it\’s time to consider some activities for the whole family to have fun with. Taking a break from the normal routine of work and household responsibilities and focusing on fun with your family is important for a family. You need time away from the stress of life where you can just focus on the people around you who mean the most. Fun with your family can look different for each family, but here are a few standard suggestions guaranteed to bring you and your family just that much closer.

Get Familiar With The Great Outdoors

Of activities that come to mind when thinking about family time, camping is the first. For some families, camping is the perfect way to get away from the world and create some fun with your family. There are plenty of ways you can go about a camping trip. Whether it be as simple as backyard camping for little ones who will enjoy the experience without the location change, or its packing up your camper and stopping at as many national parks as you can along the way. Two main categories of RVs are motorhomes and towables. regardless of what type of camper you have, you\’ll be sure to have fun with your family. For others, it may be booking a cabin instead of tenting. Either way you go about it, you\’ll want to make sure you remember your new bicycles for the trip so you can get some sightseeing in while you\’re at the campsite.

Another great activity for families who enjoy some movement in their lives is to go hiking. This could be part of your camping trip when you stop at a national park or it can be a trail near your home, cabin, or campsite where you\’re staying. Not only is this a good way to ensure some fun with your family, but it\’s also a great way to make sure your family is getting some exercise, which is good for their health. Of course, after you go hike a mountain or trail, you\’ll want to make sure you reward yourself with whatever pizza places are nearby you or another favorite, like ice cream. There\’s no better way to have fun with your family than to encourage treating yourself every once in a while.

However, as mentioned before, you don\’t have to go somewhere to enjoy the outdoors with your family. For example, custom decks are a great way for families to spend time outdoors together. Whether it be around a fire pit or sitting around a table eating or playing cards, there is plenty of fun to be had with your family on a deck in your backyard. Especially if your yard has a view, even just sitting out there for a few hours after dinner watching the sunset with idle conversation is a great way to connect and have fun with your family.


And if you\’re into plants, a deck is a great place to keep them if you\’re not planting them in the ground. For example, if you\’re planting vegetables but don\’t want to have to also build some type of fence to keep the rabbits from eating them, keeping the plants on your deck is a good way to deter critters from them. Decorating the deck with plants and outdoor furniture can also be a good way to connect with your family. Make it an outing to your local store to get outdoor furniture and pick out the perfect chaise lounges to catch some rays on, the nicest table to enjoy dinners and lunches on, and the most comfortable chairs for watching the sunset at night. It\’s likely they\’ll have different shelving or hanging units for your plants, too.

However, the plants don\’t just have to stay on your deck. Allow the landscaper inside of you to come out and start gardening or landscaping with your family. Especially if you have kids, learning to garden and have something of their own to watch over and water can be especially rewarding and fun for them. And, as a parent, it can be fun for you to watch them invest in something a see the rewards of it as apparent as a vegetable being edible from your garden. Or seeing the flowers bloom each year that they planted. It can also be very fun to decorate your lawn with all your families favorite flowers so that each part of the lawn has a little bit of everyone.

Taking care of the yard can be a way to have fun with your family as well. Making sure your yard is nice means making sure the grass is cut, the trees and shrubs are trimmed, flowers are planted and maintained, and maybe even making sure the fire pit in your yard is properly insulated so to be safe. Depending on where you live, of course, you may be able to have an open fire pit in your backyard. If so, surrounding it with cinderblocks is a great way to make sure the fire can\’t escape the pit you designed. While not all families will share the enjoyment that can come from a green thumb, for those who do, this can be a great way to bond and have fun with your family.

Having a pool is one of the best ways to ensure fun with your family during the summer months if your family likes to swim. If you have a pool, let your kids pick out some toys or cute towels the next time you\’re at the store to make the experience just that much more exciting for them. Making sure you have enough pool floaties and toys is a great way to ensure your family has fun while in the pool. Another way to ensure fun in the pool is by keeping it clean and relatively warm. A great way to keep the water a little warmer than it would be is by which of the many pool covers available you choose. If you go without, the sun will likely warm the pool a little, but will allow for leaves and such from nearby trees or bushes to fall into the pool, causing the need for more regular cleanings.


However, if you get a solar cover, it will help insulate the heat from the sun keeping the pool that much warmer and easier to get in while still keeping it refreshing enough to cool off. It will also prevent as many leaves or bugs from getting in the pool and needing cleaning. Typically, cleaning the pool isn\’t as fun for anyone in the family as taking off the cover and jumping in is. Taking that extra step when you\’re at the pool store getting chlorine to invest in a solar cover will be worth it when you\’re ready to just jump in and cool off and instead, you have to spend however many minutes clearing out debris from the pool.

Pets and Pet Care

Having a pet can be an excellent way to enjoy fun with your family. A pet can bring a family together. For many, their pets are their best friends. Allowing this relationship in the family can really strengthen overall bonds. Not only that, but it allows a sense of responsibility for your kids if the pet is theirs. And, taking your pet with your on your hiking trip, camping trip, or letting them roam around while you tend to your yard or swim in your pool can add another level of enjoyment to the task. It can be more fun to do yard work when your dog is running around and rolling around in the grass next to you while you weed. Even pet grooming can be a fun experience should you have a dog. Fun can be had while you wash your pet and give them a soap mohawk or when they shake all the soapy water all over you and off themselves. Without a doubt, having a pet will add laughter and smiles to you and your family\’s life.


Treating Yourself and Your Family

As mentioned before, treating you and your family is a great way to have fun with your family. This could look like going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, going to see a movie, or shopping. A fun way to shop is by thrifting items or going to a pawn shop to see what types of used goods you can enjoy. While some families want or can afford to buy brand new all the time, finding the memories in hand me down toys can be an exciting and fun way to spend time with your family. It can be fun to find something old and unwanted and give it a new life. Not only that, but reusing clothes, jewelry, or toys is more environmentally friendly, which could be something your family finds fun to do.

However, it doesn\’t have to be thrifted for it to be fun. Buying new can also be a fun activity for families, especially for young kids who want the bling and flash that comes with new things. And when it comes to treating yourself, sometimes the splurge of new can be a good thing. A fun way to spend time with your family can be through teaching the importance of self-care. Go ahead and buy those necklaces, shoes, or earrings if you really want them. Treating yourself is an important thing to do and can be an extremely fun way to spend time and is something everyone in your family will be sure to enjoy.

Support One Another

Maybe one of the most important ways to have fun with your family is by supporting them. This means making sure everyone goes to as many events for the other they can make it to. For example, having your entire family in the stands each with one of the bulk poster prints you ordered so they can cheer on whoever is out there playing will be fun not only for the kid out there, but for the family holding signs and cheering the other on, too. Creating a sense of family unity is a great way to have fun with your family. It\’s important to know you\’re there for each other and the process of doing that can be fun to know someone has your back. This could also look like pursuing different activities that someone in the family likes even if it isn\’t necessary up your alley. Even though it\’s not necessarily something you want to do, it can be fun and rewarding to support your family members.

Include Your Extended Family

Fun with your family doesn\’t have to just mean your immediate family. Invite your extended family over for a dinner party and let them enjoy your deck and the beautiful yard you all worked so hard on. The single best way to have fun with your family is by enjoying their company and spending time with them. You can sit around and just talk, play card games or play games in the yard, or swim in the pool. Share your stories and achievements with them! Having the extended family over for a get together can be especially fun if you have little cousins. This is a great way to watch them grow and also build that relationship with them. It\’ll be fun for everyone to catch up and enjoy each other\’s company.


There are a lot of ways you can enjoy fun with your family, but the most important things to remember are that quality time and support above all else is the key to family fun. Make sure that with every activity you choose to do, you make sure everyone knows they\’re important, loved, and wanted around. Making sure your family knows that is going to be crucial in making activities fun for everyone. Especially during the moody teen years, having a base understanding in your relationship that time spent together, helping one another, and encouraging one another is the best way to have fun with each other will be critical for family time to be successful.