Are You Looking for a New Piece of Furniture for Your Family Room?


Quality matters.
Whether you are looking for additional space to store garden tools or you are looking for quality furniture for inside your home, Amish furniture builders may have the products that you are looking for. And while some groups provide beautiful hand crafted furniture pieces, others provide outdoor buildings like custom gazebos and even custom chicken coops. Even though it is an outdoor building, a building that is used to store garden tools can still be of the highest quality. The fact that these builders can create a shed or other storage place to exact specifications means that you can expect attention to both detail and quality.
Custom designs can help decorate your home or protect and store garden tools and other outdoor supplies. What would you have made if you knew that you could get a custom design created to your specifications?

  • Lazy afternoons in the fall are even more enjoyable in a custom made gazebo that has been built exactly to your specifications.
  • Over 92% of survey respondents indicate that they plan to keep their wood furniture for at least 15 years, meaning that these purchases are worth an investment in quality.
  • Once American folk art was discovered, Amish furniture also gained attention in the 1920s. Both historians and dealers place great value on the beauty and quality of these hand crafted Amish pieces.
  • Kitchen tables and chairs are an important feature in many homes, and a popular purchase from Amish designers or others known for fine hand craftsmanship.
  • In a survey of more than 2,000 consumers, 72.7% agreed with the statement ?The design of my furniture reflects my personality.\” In other comments, as many as 67% of respondents indicated that they agree with the statement, ?A lot can be said about people from the furniture they own.\”
  • Nothing says quality like a custom made ricking chair, crib, or other piece of nursery furniture.
  • Given that 100% of Amish furniture is hand crafted, these pieces hold their value for years, often increasing in value as they age.

  • Garages and garden sheds are the perfect safe place to store garden tools, off season patio furniture, and many other items.
  • One survey of more than 2,000 consumers indicated that 95.1% said that they \”expect furniture to last for many years.\”
  • Ooutdoor furniture can also be handcrafted of wood. Imagine, for instance, two beautiful wooden rocking chairs on the front porch of your home.
  • Depending on what you like, most Amish furniture can be ordered in one of following five types of wood: cherry, oak, hickory, walnut, or maple.

From the furniture in your home to the out buildings on your lot, it is important that your investments are LOOKING GOOD from top to bottom. Ordering custom made wood pieces can help you get the look you want in the furniture and sheds that you need.