Can Puppies Have Allergies?

Allergies are pretty common among humans, but guess what: your puppy can have allergies, too! Some of the most common allergies dogs have include allergies to fleas, environmental stimuli, and foods. Dogs can become itchy, sneeze, develop rashes, and more – and these symptoms often demonstrate a pup\’s allergy.

Interestingly enough, your puppy can be allergic to ingredients in their dog food. Thankfully, there are many types of puppy food for allergies that can help your dog out. If your dog is sensitive to grains and/or wheats, they can get grain-free dog food or wheat-free dog food.

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If your dog is sensitive to meats, they can have a meat-free dog food.

There are limited ingredient dog food options that can help you determine your dog\’s allergy or allergies, too. These types of foods eliminate ingredients so you can figure out whether your dog is allergic to potatoes, fish, or something else.

Pet nutrition is important for a dog with allergies. They need to get key nutrients into their body every day when they eat and drink. For helping finding the best dry dog food for allergies for your pup, talk to your vet and a pet nutritionist for assistance.