Celebrity Ranch Owners Ted Turner and Kenny Rogers


Celebrities live large. That\’s just a fact of life. Some celebrities, however, stay true to their roots and, although live quite large, are still humble.

Those who experienced childhood while on beautiful pieces of agricultural property find it hard to leave that life. Even after some celebs made millions and millions of dollars, rather than selling out and getting some way too eccentric mini mansion on a busy New York or L.A. road, they get beautiful land and get to work on it.

Sure they might have an extra cleaning person or two, but they still enjoy all the benefits of owning agricultural land just like the rest of us.

Two celebs who definitely live large, have been known as being two of the most well-known ranch farm owners in the country.

Kenny Rogers

Country Music Hall of Fame alumnus, Kenny Rogers, enjoys his $20 million Athens, Georgia ranch. Kenny, along with singing, songwriting, acting and record producing, also dabbled a bit in design. As a result of his newfound hobby, he managed to design his entire 1,200-acre ranch, as well as the 18-hole golf course that is part of his property. His ranch consists of guest cottages, three lakes with plenty of fish, and also doubles as equestrian property with a 90,000 square foot multipurpose building.

Ted Turner

Mr. Turner owns one of the largest ranches in the entire world and 14 other pretty decent sized ones. With property all over the country, Turner is the epitome of U.S. landowning. He owns ranch farms in South Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Montana.

Those 15 ranches across seven states makes Turner the second-largest individual landowner in the United States. Going along with all that land, he also has just about 50,000 bison residing on his property to keep him company.

It might take a little while to reach the celebrity status that these two 77-year-old icons have achieved, but you can always look for the property. There is quality ranch farm land for sale is just about all 50 states and you\’ll be able to find what works best for you, your business, and your family.

Ranch farm land for sale that is worth it is a great investment. Whether it\’s cattle ranches, horse properties, or just crop-producing farms, finding great land across this country is well worth it.

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