Childcare 101 The Top 3 Types of Services for You and Your Family


Choosing the right childcare services is an important task for any parent looking to gain a little assistance. From daycare schools to individual babysitters, it can be difficult to know what choice would be best for your situation. And this decision should never be taken lightly.From birth to about three years old, the time during which children are not yet old enough to be in school, brain development occurs at the fastest rate compared to any other time period in that child\’s life.
Because of this, what stimulation and cognitive exercises the child receives can have a huge impact on their learning and future success. For example, it is often recommended that parents should read aloud to their children to help stimulate brain development. However, only about half of all parents participate in this activity, often lacking due to their busy schedules. To help you combat your busy life and find the right help for your family, here\’s a list of the most common childcare services.

The Top 3 Types of Childcare Services

  1. Nanny.
    A professional nanny is usually considered an in-home provider and is often more convenient for parents than other services. However, these individuals are usually paid either a salary or hourly rate and may be more expensive than other options. This is because the nanny has a more involved relationship with the family than childcare providers at a center.
    Some nannies even have formal education in child development and education, helping parents to feel more confident. When hiring a nanny, it\’s a good idea to perform background checks and interviews to determine if the individual is a good fit for your family. Everyone in the family should feel comfortable with the hired individual, as the relationship you have will have a huge impact on their work and your children.
  2. DayCare Center.
    A day care center is a business or facility that offers services to a larger number of children at one time. With a fully trained staff, these professionals work together to care for your children in a structured environment. Typically, parents drop off their children for a half day or full day. While there, the children experience plenty of activities and stimulation, including meals, naps, and crafts.
    The rates of a day care center can vary greatly, depending on the facilities and services provided. They generally have monthly fees, though parents may be able to negotiate this depending on how often you drop off your children. Additionally, parents should ask friends for referrals to affordable daycare centers held in high regard or search online reviews to find the best for their family.
  3. Family Child Care Service.
    These services are like a hybrid of the nanny and daycare center. A family child care service is usually run out of an individual\’s home. These professional caregivers generally accept a certain number of children to watch on any given day and care for them, often at an affordable rate. Because generally only one or two individuals work at this residential business, the caregiver is generally able to have a strong relationship with the children and help them grow.
    It\’s important for parents to understand that these family childcare providers must be licensed and regulated based on their state. Many regulations, for example, require specific age-appropriate activities and learning to take place for the children and, often, training is provided. Thus, parents can feel confident that these childcare services are top notch.

Whether you are searching for a childcare provider for only a few hours a day or for the whole day, different services are best for different families. To find the right fit for you, it\’s best to consider your situation and determine what your needs are. Remember that the first few years of your child\’s life are important, with more than 700 new neural connections forming every second. By choosing the proper care, you child will be able to make strong neural connections and develop successfully.