Don\’t You Just Love Renting Movies?


Do you remember the days when going up the street to rent a movie from blockbuster, or going to the local family video rentals store was the thing to do from time to time? Nowadays, kids are growing up much too fast, and since they are always so caught up in their social media and video games, the traditional family activity breaks are so different. But seriously, do you not miss those days, back when family video rentals allowed a family to join each other maybe one night a week in their living room for a nice flick?

It is not just the time that have though, even renting movies today is different. It is as if renting movies has become too easy, or we have just become extremely lazy. Nowadays, the word blockbuster has become merely ancient, and it is far from related to the acts of renting a movie anymore. If you ever want to watch a movie now, no one thinks about driving to a rental store, they immediately hop in their car and make their way to the nearest RedBox, you know, the method that involves the least amount of time?

Although some people still appreciate that old school way of going to Blockbuster video and going back and forth about what movie to rent, many people claim they do not have time for that. Plus, with everything else made so easy for us now, why would renting a movie be any different? People still use renting a family movie as weekend family activities, but it just seems to have faded as a common event.