Enjoy Spending More Time Outside in Your Yard with a New Landscape Design


Do you enjoy spending time outside in your yard? Chances are that you a have beautiful garden and surrounding landscape. Even when you\’re surrounded by fragrant garden and shade trees, however, you may still have a few additions in mind.

What are your favorite outdoor activities? A recent survey showed that 51% of the homeowners upgrading their outdoor living spaces spend time relaxing, gardening, and entertaining. While they tend to enjoy 6 or more hours engaged in these activities every week, you may choose to spend even more time outdoors once you have revitalized your landscape design.

The survey also found that 83% of Americans believe it\’s important to have a yard. The results also showed that 90% of the participants with their own yards realized that it was important to keep them well-maintained. While part of having a well-maintained yard for some people may include watering their lawn on a regular basis, others may perceive this as adding new plants, flowers, and trees native to the region.

Last year, food and flower gardening were the most popular types of gardening. Many people planted what some refer to as \”kitchen gardens.\” These included vegetables, herbs, berries, and other types of fruit.

If you\’ve been busy with work and family obligations, it\’s possible that you haven\’t been able to create the time you need to visit the local plant nursery. If this is the case, what you may need is a few more sets of hands. A landscaping and design company can assist you with creating an outdoor living space that reflects you and your lifestyle. Furthermore, they will be able to visit the plant nursery on your behalf to select what they know will thrive in your yard.

Are you planning to sell your house? Were you aware that when you spend just 5% of your home\’s overall value on landscaping that it can provide you with a a significant return on your investment? How does a 150% return sound? When you spend a larger percentage, you can well-imagine the return on your investment.

If you\’re already working with a local real estate agent, they\’ve probably put you in contact with their favorite landscape design firm. This is because almost 90% of real estate agents will inform you that making this effort prior to selling will provide enhanced curb appeal. This means that your property may sell even sooner, of course.