Have a Family Movie Night This Weekend!


Family movie night is easily one of the best, and most underrated, activities to do as a collective. Since everyone has a tough, hectic schedule between work, extra curricular activities, meetings, homework and more, renting a flick from the family video website can be a great way to get that feeling of togetherness back in your home.

Of course, everyone has a different taste in movies, and each film has to be age appropriate. You wouldn\’t want your eight-year-old watching the raunchiest comedy of yesteryear because your sixteen-year-old wanted to, would you? However, don\’t be a dictator about it. Write down everyone\’s suggestions, editing out the inappropriate choices, and put them in a hat. Then, have one member selects the movie out. This is a particularly great strategy because it ensures that you can have multiple movie nights by getting the rest of the flicks from the family video website.

You can also prepare some delicious snacks to munch on while watching your choice from the family video website. Some great choices, as recommended by All Recipes, are homemade caramel popcorn, candy apples, fruit salad, nachos, and hummus. You can also make your movie night into a theme. Say, for example, you rented Mr. Popper\’s Penguins, you could have ice cream as a snack!

There are tons of great family video movies to rent, so make family movie night part of your weekend family activities. You can have tons of great snacks, and put your own spin on things! If you have any questions about movie night, or about the family video website, feel free to ask!