How Spring Cleaning Can Help Those In Need


The spring is a great time to go through everything you own in your home and decide what to keep and what to donate. It is a time to reorganize everything and to clean out areas such as closets and pantries. This is where the term spring cleaning came from, the desire to go through the home and keep up on neglected organizing chores to prepare for the warmer season ahead. Spring cleaning actually provides many benefits to the homeowner. It provides them with a feeling of cleanliness and order. A clean and organized home runs smoother and things are found easier. It can feel good to get rid of items that are simply taking up space, many of these items can actually be donated to provide benefits to those in need.

In January 2015, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the United States. About 15% of the homeless population, 83,170 are considered to be chronically homeless individuals. What if you could help these people out, simply by doing spring cleaning on your home? Many Americans hold onto things that they no longer need or want, out of simple convenience. They don?t have the time or the effort available to go through their items and then take them to a Red Cross clothes donations center. American Red Cross clothing donations actually helps out a variety of people in many different ways.

When you donate clothing that you no longer want, it is able to be used for those people who may not be able to afford to purchase new clothing. These clothing items can help them interview and apply for jobs, using business clothes they could not have afforded. Many of these charities depend on people for their used clothing donations to serve their people and their communities. According to the EPA, Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothes per person each year. We can do our part and help our communities by simply donating those clothing items, rather than throwing them out, where they are likely to not be recycled and to sit in a land fill somewhere.

Red Cross clothes donations are actually a simple donating process. They have made it easier to accept clothing items and other donated items. There are a lot of Red Cross clothes donations centers all over the country, and it is likely that there is a Red Cross donation center near your home, for convenience. For those with even busier lives, a Red Cross clothing pickup can be arranged. The Red Cross will actually send a driver with a truck over for any donations from your home. This will save the hassle and the time of having to box, load and unload them.

Spring is a great time for spring cleaning. It is a time to reorganize and go through our household items, including clothing. Throwing these types of items out results in landfill usages, and does not provide anyone with any benefits. When you choose to donate your clothing to Red Cross clothes donations, you are providing benefits to both yourself and to your community. You are helping those who are in need, and you are freeing up much needed and desired space in your home.