How Thumb Sucking Impacts Your Child

Many parents notice that their newborn infants suck their thumbs. If this continues to happen, it could create a problem. Statistics show that 95% of all babies suck their thumbs as a form of reflex. That being said, children above the age of two are likely sucking their thumbs out of habit. You\’ll want to know there are many health concerns regarding thumb sucking habits. In this post, you\’ll learn about the harmful effects of thumb sucking.

Health Concerns Regarding Thumb Sucking

Many parents are unaware of how many health concerns arise from children sucking their thumbs. One of the main health concerns regarding thumb sucking is having your child develop an underbite or overbite. An underbite occurs when your child\’s lower jaw extends further than the upper jaw. Overbites occur when the upper jaw is extended outward. Either situation often means your child will be spending a lot of time in a dentist\’s office. That being said, over 75% of children\’s cases of underbites and overbites benefit from early intervention. If you can stop thumb sucking early, your child\’s bite might not be affected.

Another issue associated with thumb sucking is developing a lisp. In fact, statistics show that 5% of all children will exhibit some type of speech disorder by the time they reach first grade. This can make life understandably hard on a young child. In addition, lisping is a condition that often requires surgery to properly correct. In addition, children sucking their thumbs often bring germs directly into their mouth. This can lead to children being sick more often, creating more stress for a parent.

Problems Fitting in at School

Every parent wants their children to fit in properly while attending school. If your child continues to suck their thumbs, this could become difficult. Unfortunately, children in school are often unintentionally cruel to others. Obviously, you don\’t want your child to become a victim of schoolyard taunts. Therefore, it\’s best to seek out options that work well to stop thumb sucking.

To summarize, there are many health concerns regarding thumb sucking. In turn, this leads parents to wonder what can be done to remedy this problem. If you\’re wanting to take care of this situation, consider ordering thumb sucking deterrents. These items fit over a child\’s hand, ensuring they aren\’t able to suck their thumbs.