How to Update a Small Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, every home has different needs. You might want a spacious bathroom with lots of light and storage space. Or you may want a compact one that’s purely functional. In most cases, people will have a small bathroom due to the limited space available in their homes. This does not mean you should not enjoy its appearance or the time spent in this space. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to your small-sized bathroom, there are plenty of easy ways to update your old one with simple fixes that will make all the difference.

Put in New Flooring

Are you wondering how to update a small bathroom by focusing on the floor? Your bathroom floor can highly determine its appearance. The old and worn-out floor makes the small bathroom appear boring and untidy. Therefore, getting yourself some good flooring materials, such as ceramic tiles, would transform your small space into an amazing bathroom. If your plan involves a tight budget, consider peel and stick tiles because they are relatively cheaper than other tiles and that will require you to hire a plumber for installation. The best part about peel and stick tiles is their ease of use. This means you do not need the experience to transform your bathroom floor. They also come in various colors, so you can choose one that fits your bathroom decor. People who prefer a long-lasting solution for the bathroom floor should consider spending more to install permanent tiles. While a small bathroom might not always need a new floor to appear elegant, a worn-out floor is a must-replace.

Paint Your Walls

Did you know that color determines how large or small a room appears? A bright color would make the space appear large while dull colors create a large space. The best way to create elegance in a small bathroom is to make it appear large. Therefore, consider painting the walls using bright colors such as light shades of blue. The choice of color for the walls should also match the rest of the decor. For instance, it should match the bathtub, organizers, and floor. Too many colors in a small bathroom would make it appear overcrowded. Bathroom tile color determines how you feel about the wall paint. For example, blue tiles make the bathroom look larger, leaving you with many colors to choose from for the walls. In this case, consider painting your bathroom walls with bright colors such as dark blue and light blue or light green and peach for an elegant look.

When you think of how to update a small bathroom, think of making it appear large, sleek, and not overcrowded. Therefore, selecting wall paints is one important consideration while decorating a small bathroom. The choice of color is essential in creating a lovely and comfortable retreat in your home. Another alternative to painting your walls is removable wallpaper. These wallpapers come in different colors, from which you can choose one that matches the rest of the interior decor. You can also change them frequently to achieve your desired bathroom appearance. They are also eco-friendly and water resistant, hence a guarantee of being long-lasting. If you are worried about how to update a small bathroom at an affordable cost, wallpapers are all you need for the walls.

Buy New Lighting Fixtures

What do you think about minimalism regarding how to update a small bathroom? It can make your bathroom look less cluttered and more spacious. Minimalism is a very underrated decorating trend that people should try to incorporate more. The choice of lighting in a bathroom is among the best approaches to follow this trend. Lighting is important in determining how large your bathroom space will appear. While considering the lighting fixtures to install in your bathroom space, focus on the element of safety. Have you ever heard of people that got serious injuries from slipping in their bathrooms? Well, poor lighting is a major contributor to these accidents. Therefore, no matter how much you want to play with lights, ensure they are bright enough to facilitate the necessary visibility. If you are wondering how to update a small bathroom using light, consider incorporating as much natural light as possible. A small bathroom often appears dark, and a simple lighting fixture would be enough to illuminate the space. Hence, natural light would create the desired effect during the day, and an elaborate lighting fixture would be ideal for the night. A ceiling light would work best for small bathrooms because it creates fewer distractions.

Use Bathroom Organizers

When thinking about how to update a small bathroom, many people consider the space element and how they would organize bath accessories. This could be challenging if the bathroom has many users because this would mean too many items to store. The best part is that you must attempt to give your bathroom a new look without feeling overwhelmed. If you have a small bathroom, you should consider putting it in storage space that doesn’t take up much of the available area. When storing your bath essentials such as soap, shampoo, and shower gels, it is a good idea to use plastic racks designed for this purpose. This helps organize your bath essentials by keeping them out of sight and easy to reach.

You also need to decide where to place the towels you use after bathing. You can opt for a multipurpose design that will keep the tub dry while storing your bathing towel simultaneously. The shelf should have a flip top to fold back when not in use. Such a shelf works best in creating the illusion of a large bathroom while having enough storage for your toiletries.

Add a Mini Tub

If you want to enjoy a relaxing bath away from the kids, installing a mini tub is the best thing you can do in your small bathroom. It’s also great for people with mobility issues because they won’t have to worry about getting out of it. If you are concerned about water usage, don’t be, because mini tubs have low-flow fixtures such as aerators and clawfoot spouts that make them highly efficient. The good thing about mini tubs is they instantly bring serenity and rest to a bathroom without taking up too much space. The mini tubs come in different designs, so you can choose one that suits your preferences. If the bathroom space is too small to accommodate a mini tub, consider installing elegant showers that create a modern and sleek appearance. These showers come in different sizes and shapes to suit every person’s preferences.

Add a Small Window

More open space does not mean you will have to give up on privacy. Installing windows will help you keep things tidy without sacrificing air circulation inside the bathroom. Glass windows also add natural light to the small bathroom, which might appear dark at night. Therefore, contact window glass installation services to create a new look in your small bathroom. These experts have the necessary experience of adding windows that facilitate air circulation because a small bathroom can turn out stuff if not well maintained. The cost for glass installations varies depending on the type of glass you wish to have in your bathroom. The tempered glass might be costly but guarantees you durability. If you are worried about how to update a small bathroom without compromising privacy, consider other types of windows or colored glasses.

Install Amazing Doors

The type of door in your bathroom determines how elegant it appears from the outside. In the case of small bathrooms, it can be challenging to choose an ideal door. The good news is that glass doors have become a modern trend for creating the illusion of a large space. These doors come in different designs, each suitable for different sizes of bathrooms. Glass shower door installations require the knowledge of an expert to ensure they choose the right door for your bathroom. Sliding doors are the best choice for such bathrooms because they do not occupy much space. Swing doors might not be ideal because they would take up much of the space when opened into the bathroom. If you have privacy concerns, consider doors that do not reveal the details of your bathroom from the inside.

Hire a Cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom space might not be as easy as it seems. It involves more than scrubbing the bathtub, toilet, walls, and floor. The drain is prone to clogging due to the dirt that might accumulate over time. A clogged drain reduces the speed of water flowing out of the bathroom floor. When this happens, you will notice how much water accumulates on the floor while you take a bath. Consider hiring a drain cleaning service to unclog any clogged drains in such a case. You could also hire a plumbing service to make any necessary repairs in your bathroom that could compromise the cleaning exercise.

The plumbers have the necessary experience handling small bathrooms to ensure they are easy to clean and that the bathroom areas such as the toilet and bathtub do not appear unsightly. For instance, a damaged toilet seat would appear unsightly and challenging to clean. Hence, it is bound to accumulate dirt that will make your bathroom look old and boring. When cleaning services or a plumber does the necessary cleaning or repairs, you rest assured of an elegant space that will not cause you drainage issues in the future. When you think of how to update a small bathroom, always consider plumbing services because the bathroom is bound to develop issues over time. The best part about such services is that you might not require them occasionally, as long as you take good care of your bathroom. For instance, avoid putting solids such as hair in the drain because it would cause blockage. In turn, it would cost you money to have the drain unclogged.

Add Plants

As you focus on how to update a small bathroom, consider the fact that it can develop an odor due to its small space. A bad odor in your bathroom creates a space you might not want to spend much of your time in. While commercial sprays work best in removing such smells, consider adding plants because they are a cheaper alternative for eliminating smells in the bathroom. Plants also serve a decorative purpose, besides keeping the bathroom space fresh. One should have a plant vase that matches the bathroom decor to add elegance. If you love a pop of color in your bathroom, choose different plants to create this appearance. Most indoor plants do not require much care, so it would be an affordable upgrade to your bathroom. Among the ideal plants to add beauty to your bathroom are the Spider plant, Aspidistra, and Mother-in-law’s tongue.

Add a Wax Melter

A wax melter is a great idea to update a small bathroom because it eliminates odors while providing an amazing lighting option. A scented bath is one way to calm your mind at night and facilitate a good night’s sleep, especially for people suffering from insomnia. What better way can you have such a bath if not using scented candles in your bathroom? A wax melter offers a better alternative to melting scented wax than traditional candles. It is also safe; therefore, you can be assured of safety while using it in the bathroom. These devices come in different designs and sizes. Hence, one can choose what suits their desires.

Add Mirrors

A mirror is a great idea regarding how to update a small bathroom. The reflections from mirrors create the illusion of large spaces. Mirrors also come in different designs to add to the beauty of your small spaces. Wall-mounted mirrors work best for the bath area because they offer safety and durability. The best way to create a sleek appearance using mirrors is to choose frames whose colors match your decor. Brightly-colored frames create the illusion of a large space because they draw attention away from the rest of the bathroom.

Are you wondering how to update a small bathroom space? The above ideas might not be all you need, but combining a few would make a great difference. When updating the space, be careful not to make it overcrowded. For instance, use minimal plants and organizers. The bottom line is to create a setup that matches your preferences while creating an elegant appearance.