How Well Are You Sleeping? You Just Might Sleep Better with Footed Pajama Onesies


How well as you sleeping at night?

Studies show that four-out-of-ten people don\’t get enough sleep. Those Americans that do get the recommend amount of sleep tend to have approximately 8.5 hours.

While some people do seem to need less sleep than others, are they sleeping soundly? Comfortably? What they\’re wearing to bed may make a difference.

A recent report showed that 74% of the Americans polled wear pajamas. Some people, 8%, sleep naked, and the remainder said that they wore another type of clothing.

While some people may have quite a few nightgowns or pairs of pajamas to wear, 61% said they didn\’t. The reasons for this likely vary. One reason may be because they choose to spend their money on other items of clothing. Another reason may be because they just haven\’t found warm, comfortable pajamas.

On average, United States\’ households spend around 3.8% of their total income to purchase clothing. Nearly half of these households seem to prefer shopping for clothes online rather than going to the mall or another clothing store.

When fall, winter, and early spring arrive, having warm pajamas can make a difference in how well you and your family sleep. If you haven\’t tried wearing footed pajama onesies yet, you may want to explore this sleepwear option.

You can find footed pajamas onesies for the entire family, too. There are footed pajamas onesies for adults as well as footed pajamas for babies, toddlers, and children. Just imagine dressing the entire family up–including the men in the household–in matching animal print onesies or an assortment of fun colors, such as pink onesie pajamas.

Besides having some fun with mixing and matching colors and patterns, it\’s also good to know that these footed pajamas onesies come in three different thicknesses: 100, 200, and 300. The thicker the fleece, the least flexible it is. However, the thicker fleece is of course warmer.

If you\’re concerned about getting a good night\’s sleep, and you haven\’t purchased new pajamas for you or your family lately, then why not order several pairs of onesie pajamas? You may just notice a difference in how well you and everyone else sleeps at night.