Is a Custom Dog Kennel the Right Choice for a Pup I Love?


You want stable housing for your pet that lasts a long time, right? Around 95% of consumers say that they expect their furniture to last for many years, which is why you want to go with 100% hand-crafted Amish furniture that you can rely on for your furry friend. Amish furniture has many features and is built to last with dedication from artisans who spend eight weeks or more building your new custom lawn asset. But when you finally receive it, it will last about 15 to 20 years, putting reliability for man\’s best friend at the forefront. Your pup will thank you for looking into custom made dog kennels that are especially constructed keeping them in mind!

Everything You Need to Know About Your Amish Dog Kennel

There are many options you can consider when you are looking for the right kennel for your dog. The first thing you need to choose is the make and style of your shed, as well as which wood you want. For Amish made furniture, some of the options available are oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple. You also want to consider the size that not only suits your yard, but also your pet and how comfortable they will be in their new space. A 10 x 12 dog kennel is pretty standard, and so is an 8 x 12 dog kennel. They come in all shapes and sizes, many colors, and more. There are plenty of choices to be made when looking at a vast selection of custom made dog kennels.

Custom, of course, is the best option for these very reasons. You wouldn\’t want to pick up your kennel from another company, only to find flaws in its design or fall out of love with it as soon as it hits your backyard. This is a huge decision that you will commit to for years to come, as the life of these sheds are surely worth it. This is why it is important to pick the kennel with the right pricing, the options you want, and the size your pet deserves. Choosing a custom made kennel will help you meet these specifications and make you feel good about your decision.