Looking for Beautiful, Handcrafted, and Quality Furniture? Buy Amish Furniture!


If you\’re looking for a high quality piece of furniture, you can\’t beat furniture made by the Amish. Amish furniture is beautifully designed, made to last, and is 100% hand-crafted. If you\’re wondering where to buy Amish furniture and don\’t live near any Amish communities, you can always check online to find retailers who might sell it or buy directly from the Amish themselves. Amish built sheds or garages are particularly popular for larger buildings, but other wood furniture like chairs, tables, and bureaus are also quite popular (and a bit less expensive than a shed or a garage). Checking where to buy Amish furniture can be a great search that will give you a gorgeous hand-crafted piece that could become a family heirloom, if you take care of the piece. This furniture is totally different than much of the cheap furniture in the stores — it\’s made to last and lovingly created, piece by piece.
What\’s So Great About Amish Furniture?
Amish furniture first came into popularity in the 1920s, when early American folk art came into the spotlight. Dealers and historians attributed great value to the beauty and quality of the handcrafted pieces.
Perhaps the top reason that Amish furniture is so prized is due to the fact that 100% of all pieces are handcrafted and built to last. Each piece takes about eight weeks to build, especially if it\’s being custom built. There are five types of wood that are commonly used for Amish furniture — oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, and maple. There are no veneers to be found on Amish furniture and you can feel good knowing that you\’re supporting their livelihood as well. Prices are comparable to mid-level furniture at retail stores, but with a much higher quality.
What Are People Looking For When They Purchase Furniture?
Style and self-expression are certainly a big aspect of how people choose the furniture that goes into their homes. A survey was conducted with over 2,000 customers and over 70% of those surveyed agreed with the statement that their furniture design reflected their personality. Almost 70% of respondents were in agreement with the statement that one can tell a lot about a person from the furniture he or she owns.
People are also looking for quality. Almost 95% of people said they expected furniture to last for many years, which is why many prefer Amish built furniture, which is built to last. Much modern furniture is built cheaply and incorporates wood veneers, instead of being built from solid wood. Even if your well built wood furniture endures some heavy wear, it\’s easy to maintain, repair, and refurbish than cheaply built furniture, which has the tendency to just fall apart beyond repair. Given that over 90% of respondents to a survey said they were planning on keeping their wood furniture for at least 15 years, this type of longevity is important.
So….Where to Buy Amish Furniture?
If you\’re lucky enough to live near an Amish community, figuring out where to buy Amish furniture can be as easy as a drive down to their shops, where you can browse the selection at your leisure, or talk to them about a custom piece or larger project. However, that\’s difficult for some regions of the country where the Amish haven\’t settled, but people still want their furniture!
Luckily, the Internet exists! There are plenty of Amish sites or third-party sites that sell Amish furniture and you can browse their selection at your leisure. For those who want bigger products, there are even DIY projects built by the Amish that you can have shipped to you and put together yourself. When ordering online, you should expect to wait around 12-16 weeks for your furniture to be delivered, given the building process and shipping time. It will certainly be worth the wait!
Look no further for a beautiful piece of wood furniture or outbuilding that will last for years. You know it\’s made with care and love and will be a stunning addition to any home. Look for Amish furniture near you to add to your home or check out their products online.