Making A Flower Bouquet For A Wedding

There\’s a reason flower arrangements and each flower bouquet is expensive. Not only are flowers a commodity, but the labor and love that goes into the floral arrangements take a lot of fo time and expertise. Most florists studied with an experienced florist, or they had to go through a lot of trial and error to get this far in their career. Still, you might not want to pay all of that money for someone else to make the arrangement when you want to learn how to do it yourself! Here are some flower arrangement styling tips that you can use in a wedding bouquet.

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The first thing you\’ll want to do is decide on a color pallet and a theme so you can collect your flowers and supplies. For a dramatic look, you can open your roses by hand. Opening them will make them look much more full and alive. Start with the outer edge of the rose and open it one petal at a time. Keep going until you get the desired look. You\’ll also want to make sure all of the stems that are going into the bouquet are stripped of all of their leaves.