Memory Care Facilities Offer a Variety of Care Levels


You had spent a lifetime listening to your dad feel in the details. Whether you were on a road trip across country or you are rummaging for a tool in one of his garages. He also knows something about what he is driving by or what he is sorting through.
Recently, as he looked for a lathe in his smallest garage he picked up another tool that was difficult for him to find. Your father told the story of how he had been looking for an unusual wrench with a long arm. He purchased one once at a farm auction, but when he went to the cashier table to pay for his items they did not he have what he purchased. He paid the bill and left the cashier his address. He was certain they would ship it to him within the week.
unfortunately, two weeks later the auctioneer called and said that he could not produce what I purchased. Did I want him to send the refund to the same address where he should be shipping the wrench? Your dad recalled that his response caught the auctioneer by surprise. Since the amount of the refund was just $5, your Dad suggested that the auctioneer simply keep the money and just send him some sale bills for upcoming auctions.
To this day, he still receives the notices.
And while your Dad could remember details of every tool that he owned, he was also a wealth of information about a variety of other topics. Simply passing a certain kind of grain truck on the highway could remind him of ht exact purpose of that truck. Offering details, your Dad knew that if a driver has got a belly dump on a grain truck all that driver can do is pull through for deliveries. Never have to back up. Your Dad then went on to a story about a a guy he knew once. Your Dad explained that this guy he knew could have had a good job but he didn\’t want anything that you had to back into a dock. He only wanted to pull through. That\’s how the guy stared driving a grain truck.
Today, you miss those stories and you miss those drives. The last cross country road trip you took with your father was full of stories about tools that he owned and guys that he knew.
You miss those stories. Those days. Those drives.
Do You Have a Loved One Who Needs Memory Care Assisted Living Options?
The silence is difficult. The uncontrolled anger is scary. The saddest part, however, is the loss of the stories. Now when you visit your father you can see the pain in his eyes and the confusion is his silence as he struggles to find those memories and find those stories.
Unfortunately, 75% of assisted living residents have had at least two of the 10 most common chronic conditions. High blood pressure and Alzheimer\’s disease, as well as other dementias are the most prevalent. And while memory care assisted living locations need to be able provide medical care, they also must provide emotional support as patients deal with a loss of memory and abilities.
Even more unfortunate is the fact that the prognosis for Alzheimers is not good. Although memory care assisted living locations can provide activities for Alzheimer residents, statistics indicate that Alzheimer\’s disease is the only top 10 cause of death in America that cannot be prevented, slowed, or cured. Ultimately, Alzheimer\’s is the sixth leading cause of death in this country.
As a result, memory care assisted living locations need to provide increasing amounts of care for their residents. Memory care activities for seniors who first enter a facility are a combination of common tasks, proven hallway and room designs, and a plan to move patients toward areas of more care when needed.
Are you missing the stories that your loved one used to tell? Do you find yourself looking for a senior living location that will allow your loved one to move toward the care that they will need in a facility that provides different levels of assistance? Looking for a location that provides quality care is essential.