My Loved One Is Getting Older; What Can Today\’s Top Retirement Centers Offer Them?

America\’s population is getting older. It\’s thought that, in just a handful of years, a significant chunk of the country will need extensive home care.

What does this mean for you and your loved ones? While there\’s no rush to commit to a decision, it helps to be aware of your options moving forward. Aging-in-place is the most popular choice among the majority of those over the age of 65, but isn\’t always a viable option. Whether for monetary reasons or conflicting lifestyles, assisted living facilities can sometimes be the most harmonious option for all parties. This is where today\’s top retirement centers.

Designed as a transition between the past and the future, assisted living facilities are prime locations to bring out the best in your loved one.

It\’s understandable to be hesitant when considering assisted living for seniors. There are rampant stereotypes in the media depicting elderly care as restrictive and dull. It can also be intimidating shifting everything you know and love to a brand new place. According to recent studies, nearly 47 million seniors live in the United States. This population is also expected to double, with the Population Reference Bureau expecting 100 million Americans to be over the age of 65 by 2060.

When the process isn\’t intimidating, it\’s worrying. How do you make sure your loved one is receiving the around-the-clock care they need? This is a fear shared by both family and the senior in question — a study revealed 35% of people over the age of 50 believe they\’ll need long-term care, even though the reality is closer to 70%. According to American Senior Communities, there will be nearly 15 million people over the age of 85 by 2040. The best retirement facilities aren\’t a punishment for aging, but a resource that will keep your loved one safe and happy.

The function of assisted living is just that: helping seniors live healthy, fulfilling lives with the aid of a medical staff. Around one million Americans today live in senior communities, with this number expected to double by 2030. These facilities have different specialties, as well. Some are more geared toward managing and supporting dementia, while others are hybrid models for both elderly and disabled populations. No matter what you need, you can be rest assured today\’s top retirement centers will help.

The best retirement centers provide around-the-clock medical staff, treating minor symptoms and managing debilitating conditions. This will remove a huge weight from your family\’s shoulders, particularly if you\’ve been worrying about paying medical bills or hiring at-home caregivers. Even seniors without chronic illnesses (such as Alzheimer\’s) find several benefits living at the top retirement centers. These spaces aren\’t gated off from the rest of the world, but a new home to celebrate new life. Housing for seniors comes with reliable transportation and more enrichment opportunities than you can shake a stick at.

Painting sessions to bring out the long-neglected artist. Visits to the local museum and afternoon yoga sessions. The top retirement centers provide more than enough activity and enrichment to ensure there\’s never a dull day during your loved one\’s golden years. The majority of active retirement communities have a minimum age requirement of 55 to own property, as well. Despite your apprehensions, the possibilities are endless when you seek out housing for seniors.

Give your loved one the best possible chance at a long and healthy life. Reach out to the top retirement centers in your area and ask for a tour this week.