Pregnancy and Compression Hosiery

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, except for what it does to the legs. No matter their age, soon-to-be mothers often suffer from aching legs, spider veins, and varicose veins. These can be lessened or even prevented by wearing maternity support hose, also called maternity compression stockings or hoses. The big advantage of these garments is that they help mothers\’ legs without the use of surgery, notes Dr.

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Haroun Gajraj, MS, FRCS.

Social Stigma About Women\’s Looks

Pregnant women may be reluctant to ask their health care providers about ways to help prevent or treat spider veins or varicose veins since they are embarrassed about how their legs look. This could be because society pressures women, especially young women, to look their best. There are now many choices of fun patterns and colors of maternity hose, instead of the usual tan, which encourages women to wear compression hose and get the relief they need. Some women do not want their support hoses to appear like hoses since they worry about what others think of them if they are seen wearing them.

How Long To Wear Them


Maternity support hose may be worn as soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant to six weeks after giving birth. This not only helps prevent unsightly veins but makes the mother feel more comfortable during a very uncomfortable time.