Preserve Your Precious Family Memories By Digitizing Your Photo Archives Today


Photographs are a treasure. You know the old saying, \”A picture is worth a thousand words.\” In many cases, that\’s true. Old photoalbums or shoeboxes full of old pictures can tell the story of dozens of important family events, bring back memories, and preserve a moment in time forever. In our digital age, it\’s becoming more and more important for some people to find a way to digitize their physical photos in a way that they\’ll last far beyond one person\’s lifespan. Luckily for those people, slide to digital service exists, where a person or company can take your photos and convert them into digital images that can be stored on a computer, in the cloud, or on a flash drive for your convenience. They take up less space and you\’ll have them forever! Even better, slide to digital service isn\’t terribly complicated or expensive and it\’s a whole new way to view your precious keepsakes.
How Important Are Photographs Anyway?
Since the first photograph was taken over 185 years ago, over 3.5 trillion photographs have been taken. With cameras becoming readily accessible to everyone and the rise of social media that allows users to share pictures instantly and easily, photographs have become even more popular.
Almost a quarter of Americans cite that family photos are their most valuable documented piece of information. The number beats even Social Security cards or birth certificates! This number is also higher in women — women are twice as likely as men to cite family photos as their most valuable piece of documented evidence. They help tell the story of our lives in many way. They document heights, weights, hair colors, generations of families together at one time, and other special memories. Wedding photos, for example, are something that a couple will keep and cherish for their entire marriage. Photos of your first child are irreplaceable.
In today\’s world, where so many things are easily acquired, put aside, and forgotten, photos help capture the moments and things that matter the most. Family vacations, personal growth, school photos, and so much more are a wonderful way to trace history back. Haven\’t we all cherished a photo of our parents at younger ages and tried to visualize what their teenage years were like? Or looked at a picture of our grandparents and marveled at how different and glamorous they look? Photos can often be a crucial part of family histories.
Why Is Digitizing Photographs A Good Idea?
Like all things, physical photographs will decay at some point. Even the most well preserved photographs will eventually disintegrate with time, unless preserved at museum quality standards, which most of us don\’t have access to. We want our children, grandchildren, and generations ahead to be able to see this snapshot of our lives. With slide to digital service, that is now possible. Even restoring old photos or conducting fade restoration on older photographs can be done! Old photo digitization can help bring your parents\’ and grandparents\’ photos back to life and you can store them in digital photo album for later viewing. It\’s conceivable that the Internet will be around for generations to come, with new improvements and tweaks, so storing your photos digitally makes the most sense.
Looking forward, this is important for our descendants as well. A survey of 250 parents was taken and over half said they haven\’t taken steps to preserve the photos or videos of their kids for the future. And while social media is great, what we\’re used to today won\’t always be around for later generations. So for the over 40% of parents who say they remember family photos or videos because of social media posts, they may want to consider transferring it all over to a digital archive.
A slide to digital service will allow all your photographs to be stored in one place for safekeeping. They\’ll be preserved in one easy location and restoring photos that are older will keep their original quality and color intact. It\’s an amazing technology and a gift for future generations to be able to see what life looked like for us.