Pros and Cons for Living By a Lake


When thinking about buying a home or building a dream home there are many decisions to be made. One of those is location. Mountains, lakes, land and more are all open to you. This article will show you the pros and cons of living on lake property. Lakefront homes for sale don\’t last long on the market and some of these advantages might be why:


  1. White noise
    There\’s no need for a noise machine if you\’re looking at some lakefront homes for sale. The subtle lull of the water rolling on the banks will be enough to get you to sleep. Lots of people like to sleep with a fan on because of the cool air as well as the noise. Well, living by the water guarantees a breeze and soft noise so all you\’ll have to do is open a window and you\’ll be set. Just make sure to have a screen up to block out mosquitoes and other insects from joining you.
    Lakefront homes for sale will capitalize on this because it is one of the main benefits. Typically speaking, waterfront homes are more spaced out and at a higher level. This allows for great views of any mountains in the vicinity or sunrises and sunsets instead of having to look at the back of somebody else\’s home. There\’s nothing better than going out to your porch and watching the sunrise above the water in the morning.
  3. Privacy
    This can be linked in with the \”views\” point above but having a home on the lake will give you more privacy because of the level of the house as well as the space between houses. Lakefront people tend to appreciate privacy and seclusion more than city folk. It is a very tranquil and peaceful environment for the most part unless of course, interrupted by the odd motorboat passing by.
  4. Water activities
    You will have access to many different kinds of water activities from fishing and sailing and boating to more sports like endeavors such as wake boarding, skiing and kayaking. If you invest in your own boat or board depending on what you are involved in, it will pay for itself in no time. Keeping in shape is very important so you might as well have some fun while you\’re at it.
  5. Fees
    If you are interested in water sports and frequent the lake anyway, then you might like to know that if you actually live on the lake you will save on marina fees, docking expenses, boat ramp expenses and parking by keeping everything close to home. Living there will save you a bundle.


  1. Maintenance
    Waterfront maintenance can definitely be more pricey and more work. Lakefront homes for sale don\’t tend to point this out very much but it is more common sense than anything; there is constant moisture and humidity around lakefront homes which causes rust and corrosion to damage the property. Salted lakes can also impact the home and grounds of your property. That bundle you saved on fees? You might need it for maintenance.
  2. Pests
    Because of the constant moisture, areas like lakes and other water fronts are breeding ground for insects and small animals. Mosquitoes will most likely be a year round problem depending on where the lake is located, alligators and other reptiles could also be residents.
  3. Burglaries
    Because of the immense privacy and often more secluded land neighbors are less able to keep an eye out for each other. Thieves know this and take advantage of it. Any doors and windows that are facing the water should be well lit as they are also vulnerable targets.
  4. Loss of privacy
    Even though most lakefront homes for sale are more secluded right now, there is no guarantee that new properties will not be built around them in the near future. Real estate is in short supply these days and waterfront living is an attractive concept.

Even though there are some disadvantages, being in good health is crucial. Approximately 81% of retirees agree that good health is the number one ingredient for happy retirement. If lake activities or water in general is of interest to you, a lakefront property is definitely something to look into. There are many activities that you can involve yourself in to keep yourself happy, in shape and in good health.