The Advantages of Family Movie Clubs


Joining a family video movie club is a great idea for busy families to spend time together. This is not to say that it is rare to find a busy family in this day and age, or that there are not equally fine ways to spend time together; but family video movie clubs make it possible for families to experience countless future family movie nights together for one convenient price. In essence, a family video movie club subscription is a gift for the whole family that keeps on giving.

Sure, when a family plans a family movie night, they can certainly walk, run, or drive over to a nearby supermarket for family video movies to rent, but why bother when you can \”rent\” a years worth of movies for a few measly bucks? A family video movie club will also make it possible for family members to browse all of the latest or classic titles without any rush, and from the comfort of their favorite easy chairs.

Other than the price saving alternatives that it offers, another huge advantage that family video movie clubs offer over the typical video movie store is the wide selection. A family video movie club will not only provide all of the most recent blockbuster titles and classic favorites, they also carry some of the most obscure independent, foreign titles, and B films that will leave unhip or reactionary family members scratching their heads. Of course, David Lynch, John Waters, or Russ Myers films are not for everyone, especially for families with young children, but there is always Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg to fill that void.

While many people might feel that family movie nights are not a quality way for family members to connect verbally, and thus, would content that they are poor occasions for spending quality family time together, they should probably reconsider. After all, how can family movie night not be quality family time when it requires everyone to be stuck together for an entire evening in one room? Add to that a pre movie dinner of wings, pizza, and beer, and it is difficult to beat a family movie night. In fact, throw in wine and cocktails to sip during the movie, and every adult family member will not be happier, especially the men, if they end up getting talked into watching Sleepless in Seattle, 27 Dresses, or Family Stone.