Urgent Care Used for Real Emergencies

It’s easy to think that the Emergency Room is the only place where you can receive full care for urgent medical services at any time, day or night. That is not the case. Urgent care centers can take care of any immediate medical needs, especially those that may not be deemed crucial enough to receive attention right away when walking into the ER.

Urgent Medical Services

While an urgent medical need may not be a life-threatening condition, there is no reason that something like a cough or cold, broken bone, sprained ankle, severe rash, flu, severe stomach pain, or other issues should not receive quality medical attention immediately. That is why 24 hour urgent care centers are incredibly important. When considering the fact the emergency rooms will tend to life-threatening wounds, heart attacks, strokes and other conditions with the risk of death.

Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Have you come across a situation that would usually need an appointment with the family doctor or the pediatrician? Is it too late at night to call the doctor or make an appointment? Then you can get immediate treatment at 24 hour walk in clinics and urgent care centers. Flu treatment is deserved at all hours, along with abdominal pain, headaches, allergic reactions, sinus infections, ear infections, and endless other issues.

The Urgency of Pediatric Care

Have you been a first-time parent, worried all the time that something isn’t right? Well, the pediatrician isn’t necessarily available at all hours, but luckily 24 hour urgent care centers are. These clinics also employ certified medical professionals who can check anything that worries you about your baby’s health. The pediatrician doesn’t want to be called at all hours of the night, and that is why their offices are closed, but the urgent care center is there to take your baby in right away for urgent medical services.

So, the most important thing to remember is the comparison between the ER and the urgent care center. Even though both are open 24/7, it may be essential to consider whether you will receive immediate care upon walking into the ER. If not, then your emergency might be better handled at urgent care where all patient issues are equally important.