Want to Optimize Your Family Time? Three Activity Suggestions


Did you know that 46% of fathers in the U.S., and 23% of moms, feel that they spend too little time with their kids? Spending quality time with your children is important. If you get out of the habit, though, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out fun activities and ideas for places to go in between all the rushing and bustle. Here are three fun family activity ideas you can consider for your next day or evening together.

1. Family Outdoor Activities

Who hates the great outdoors? It is both cheap and easy to find ways to enjoy family time outside. Buy or borrow a few rods and go fishing, walk along a nearby creek or river, or build a fire in your backyard. All you need are stones to line the circle and a few logs. Pair it with a bag of marshmallows, and you are good to go! Need something for the winter? Sledding and snowmen are always fun. Make things interesting with chalk paint to color the snow creations.

2. Family Video Rentals

When I was a kid, going to Blockbuster was an adventure, but also a hassle. It often closed before we got around to driving there, movies had to be returned after just a few days, and sometimes all the films you wanted to see would be checked out. Today, there are so many ways to get family video rentals that there is little excuse not to, especially when you can preface it with a game night and accompany it with a couple bags of hot popcorn. Tried and true family movies? Check out classics like Spirited Away, Toy Story, or A Christmas Story.

3. Family Activity Games

Something we often hear from parents is that game playing can feel somewhat tedious. Finding games that are fun for both adults and children, however, is not impossible. Avoid games that require little strategy, such as Trouble or Candyland. Although they are fun, they rarely do anything for the parent, and other games can help teach kids lessons about strategy, creativity and planning. Aim for games that can be adapted to a wide variety of ages. One basic example of this would be charades. Other examples would include Apples to Apples, Whoonu, and Jenga.

Have other suggestions for family activities? Let us know in the comments!