Wedding Planning Is No Walk in the ParkBut the Wedding Could be in a Park Picking Your Perfect Venue


If you ask anyone what the most important part of any wedding is, they\’ll probably say food or the open bar. But the truth is that without a proper wedding venue, the wedding can\’t actually happen! Picking wedding venues is, in all likelihood, the most stressful and important part of planning a wedding, so shouldn\’t you be prepared to pick a venue that\’s perfect for you?

What should you look for in a good venue?

Currently, approximately 40% of couples seek out unique venues that reflect their personalities and relationship. Whether it\’s a venue that reflects their past together, or one that encompasses their mutual interests, a venue that relates to the bride and groom is highly sought after. Any good venue should fit your needs, but there are a few common factors that can make the difference between a good venue and a great one. First, your venue should have ample room for all of your guests. A good dance floor and a top notch bar are usually requirements for any successful wedding reception. the best venue for you will have exactly what you need.

What if I want an outdoor venue?

If you\’re looking for an outdoor venue, it\’s always best to have a backup space. Although most weddings happen during the month of June, rain waits for nobody. The best solution for outdoor wedding venues is to look for indoor locations that have an outdoor garden or courtyard area. This way, in the case of rain, your wedding won\’t have to be moved across town. Not only would that be problematic for you, but it could put your guests in a sour mood!

Is a destination wedding a smart idea?

Destination wedding places are often pricey, as well as very far from home. Unless you have the money to afford wedding halls that are out of the country, then it may not be the best option. In addition, many guests may not be able to afford transportation and lodging for a destination wedding. So unless your absolutely certain that it\’s what you want, you may be best off booking a wedding venue that\’s closer to home.

Whether you\’re looking for an outdoor wedding, a winter wedding, or anything between, the perfect venue is out there and waiting for you to discover it.