What Goes Into the Cost of a Surrogacy

The joy of watching a child grow up is the highlight of a parent’s life. But in some family circumstances, surrogacy is needed to make this dream a reality. Often, eager couples want to know the cost of a surrogacy before committing.

The planning of a surrogacy is a very time-consuming process.

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Some of the more important parts of the surrogacy cost include selecting the right surrogate candidate, signing all binding legal documentation, and attending every doctor’s appointment and medical procedure. The written content of the legal documentation should include the financial compensation (lost wages and service fee) awarded to the surrogate.

A standard health insurance policy may not cover the policyholder’s maternity care. If you plan to have a family, shop around in the marketplace before choosing a policy that fits your needs. Ideally, you want prenatal care coverage included in your health insurance plan. Also, you want all office visits, ultrasound exams, and delivery of the child to be covered in your policy. Plus, add an addendum for surrogate pregnancy coverage.

Prospective parents should work with a quality surrogacy firm to identify the perfect surrogate match. Each candidate will go through an extensive vetting process before gaining a recommendation. Hopefully, you gain hope that your journey to have a child becomes a reality.