What is Assisted Living?

Most people don’t understand assisted living or what a skilled nursing facility can provide for its residents. It’s more than just a retirement community, and tons of senior citizens benefit from the services they offer every single day. That’s why it’s important to find out exactly what a full care service entails, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your loved one or yourself.

Many elderly folks don’t even want to consider having to move away from their home or being cared for by strangers instead of their families. However, there are tons of benefits to going to aging facilities or finding alternative assisted living solutions. The last thing anyone wants to become is a burden to their loved ones when they have lost mobility or their ability to make decisions.

That way, their families don’t have to become full-time carers, and their relationship won’t be strained by the pressure of doing such a tiring job. Chartier assisted living and residential care home is a prime example of a location where seniors can get all their needs met as well as continue living an active and social life. Their families can visit, and medical experts are at their beck and call.

Let’s find out more about assisted living and what it can do for people.

If you are planning to live beyond retirement or are already retired, it\’s always a good idea to consider an assisted living service. There are several facts about assisted living facilities. For instance, they provide an independent home. These facilities can provide the necessary assisted living support for older adults. They offer on-site medical staff, recreation programs, and a community of seniors.

Today\’s senior residence homes are much more than just a place for people with no more options left in their lives. They are becoming a full-fledged retirement community where seniors can get physical health services, social activities, and many other benefits from living at home or in a private community.

There are several things you need to know about these facilities. Many people may experience problems with assisted living facilities at the beginning. To avoid these problems, it is vital to do your research before enrolling in a facility. Some facilities may be understaffed. Others may have poor services. Ensure you find out about the facility before deciding on the most suitable option.

In an assisted living service, an aide gives an older person a range of services to help them live independently at home. Their facility can include transportation, meal preparation, bathing, caregiving, or physical and mental health support. These services vary depending on the individual with needs.



What is assisted living? Is it some type of a facility that seniors are required to move to, the minute they require a little extra assistance? Is it a place that you lose all of your privacy and independence? There are many ideas surrounding, what is assisted living? Assisted living and retirement centers come in all types and living situations, so it difficult to say exactly what they are. However, assisted living for seniors does provide the following characteristics.

Senior living is safety
Senior living is safety. It is knowing that your loved one is cared for, even when you are unable to be there for them. It is knowing that if an emergency occurs, they will have the help that they need. With many seniors experiencing multiple medical conditions as they age, medical emergencies are more common. More than three fourths of assisted living residents have had at least 2 of the 10 most common chronic conditions, high blood pressure and Alzheimer?s disease and other dementias were the most prevalent. What is assisted living? It is reclaiming your sense of mind and knowing that your loved one is cared for at all times.

Senior living is security
Another common concern among loved ones of seniors is their security. Many seniors are left living on their own, sometimes in neighborhoods that are less than favorable. Senior living centers are often gated and have dedicated security team members. Guests are not allowed to enter the assisted living facility unless they have family in the center. With 24 hour monitored security cameras, your loved one is more secure than ever.

Senior living is community
Seniors often feel alienated. They may live far from family and friends, making it difficult to maintain an active social life. This is important, as regular activity can prevent mental problems and can assist with some medical concerns. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of living in an assisted living facility is the feel of community. Your loved one is surrounded by other members, allowing them to interact, communicate, and join in a variety of activities.

The happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly, the least happy, only one or two. Senior living communities provide easy transport and access to a variety of hobbies. The close proximity of these activities can encourage seniors to participate in them and to expand their current hobby knowledge. Many senior centers also provide outing trips, including trips to local malls, restaurants, and casinos.

Senior living is happiness
There are many things that contribute to happiness, just as there are many things that contribute to sadness. Seniors who are alienated and cut off from hobbies and groups of people tend to be less happy. They also tend to feel more of a burden toward their family members, causing them to lose sight of their independence. Seniors who are active members of their communities are much happier.

In fact, according to information shared by Holleran Consulting LLC in a 2013 conference of 57,900 respondents from 265 senior living communities across 36 states, 89.3% of independent living residents rate their overall satisfaction as good or excellent. Approximately 84.5% of independent living residents would also recommend their community to someone else. A lot of seniors underestimate their ability to be happy and satisfied in an assisted living community.

Many people wonder, what is assisted living? There are many answers to this question, but in shorter terms, assisted living means safety, security, community, and happiness. Although it is possible to achieve these things outside of an assisted living community, it is much harder to do so as a senior. Seniors often lose touch of hobbies, their sense of community, and their independence. An assisted living community can provide them with all of that, and much more. Statistics actually show that the majority of seniors are happy and willing to recommend their assisted living community to others. What is assisted living? It is a positive experience.