What to Wear When You Need Your Sleep


Do you get enough sleep? If you do not, you are not alone. At least 40% of all Americans do not get enough sleep every night. This can be very bad for your health and make you testy to be around. One thing that people do not always think about when they are trying to improve the quantity and quality of their sleep is what they are wearing to bed. It is true, wearing the right pajamas for adult can make a big difference in how much sleep you get and how restful it us.

Part of the reason getting the right pajamas for adults is so important is that it is a big factor in creating the right environment to get a good night\’s sleep. Here some tips to help get the right mens and womens sleepware.

1. Think about the kind of material your pajamas for adults are made from.

The fabric of your adult pajamas will play a big role in how you sleep. You need to think about what you prefer. Do you love or hate the feel of slippery silk? How do you feel about flannel or basic cotton? Knowing what you like will make a big difference. It may seem like an obvious thing but many people do not spend all that much time thinking about what fabrics they like to sleep in. Give this some thought. Here are some other things to consider as you consider your fabric options.

  • Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics around. It is natural, soft, light weight and breathable. It allows a decent amount of air circulation so that it is not irritating when it is next to the skin. On the downside, that breathability means that it does not do a great job when it comes to insulating us or protecting people from the cold. If you live in a colder part of the country, it might leave you too cold at night. If you have problems at night with sweating, it might not be great as it is not so good at getting rid of excess moisture.
  • Silk has a great feature that cotton lacks. It is a great regulator of temperature. It can keep you cool when it is hot out or it can keep you warm when you need it to. Not everyone likes the slippery feel of silk and you do have to have it dry cleaned so it costs more to gave around. If you really like to sleep in silk, it may be worth it.
  • Flannel works great in colder climates. If you love cotton but hate being cold, flannel may be just the things to keep you warm and comfortable at night. It is soft, breathable and will keep you warm. It is heavier than cotton but a lot of people light the weight of flannel PJs for adults.
  • Bamboo fabric is made from the plant. It has a very soft and silky feel when it is next to the skin. It is great for removing excess moisture so you will be comfortable if you sweat at night. It is incredibly environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Some research shows it has antibacterial properties. If you are looking for biodegradable pajamas for adults, this is the fabric for you. You get to enjoy a great sleep and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Wool and fleece pajamas will keep you warm but may make you overheat. These fabrics are also not the most breathable so you may not get the best sleep in pajamas for adults made from them. Many people sweat more in these products.

2. The material is not the entire story. Once you have selected the right fabric. you need the right fit. Not everyone wants buttons, snaps and the like so think about that when you are shopping for pajamas for adults. You should get some that fit but are not binding. You want to be comfortable moving while you sleep.

3. Keep your feet comfortable. When you are asleep, you need your feet to be happy. Many people are getting adult onesies to protect them. Just think about how cold your feet are when you sleep. Cold feet often equal bad sleep.