Why Looking at Equestrian Property For Sale Might Be In Your Business Interests


One of the trademark scenes of the West is a herd of horses galloping over a stretch of plain with manes and tails flying into the sunset. There\’s a reason for that — there\’s still plenty of equestrian property available in the West and land that can be turned into horse property, guest ranches, or even hunting land. If you\’ve been looking to invest in some real estate, building a guest ranch or hunting ranches could be a great way to sink your money into something profitable. And if you\’ve always loved horses, purchasing equestrian property and starting a horse ranch will keep that dream alive. With expanses of land, stretches of blue sky, and startlingly beautiful mountains, this is a dream location to start a ranch and live large. You\’ll experience a whole different side of the American Dream, with endless opportunities for recreation and the opportunity to raise animals yourself.
What\’s the Difference Between a Farm and a Ranch?
These terms can often be used interchangeably, but don\’t be fooled! In the Midwest, these mean two very different things. Both are large pieces of property, but farms tend to focus more on raising vegetables, poultry, and pork, whereas ranches tend to be a bit larger and focus on livestock (horses, cattle, pigs, etc.). The total real estate value of farm land in the United States is around two trillion dollars — and with almost 920 million acres of farmland spread across the country, that\’s not too surprising. That land is divided up into just over two million farms across the country, so you can see the amount of land required for a farm (or a ranch!) — the average farm is around 435 acres, but obviously can be much larger or smaller, depending.
Why Should I Look at Equestrian Property?
If you\’re in the right place for it, owning equestrian property can be quite lucrative, particularly if you have experience with horses and can properly board them and maintain their care. You can offer riding lessons, horseback trails, hunting on horseback, and other amenities. In some cases, you may even be able to create a guest ranch that offers outdoor recreation such as horseback riding, hunting and fishing, biking, and much more, depending on the size of your land. If you\’re interested in being out on the land, love horses and other animals, and are interested in using the land for a profitable and useful property, looking to start a horse ranch might not be a bad idea. If you\’ve really got some experience, you can even do some horse breeding or hire experts to help you produce quality horses for other farms. You certainly need to have good business sense, some previous experience in the equine world, and a solid vision for what you want to accomplish.
If you have all those, purchasing land for a horse ranch might be the perfect business opportunity for you!
What Should I Consider When Looking at a Horse Ranch?
You should of course look at several different properties, especially if it comes with horses. Depending on what horse breed you specialize in or want to raise, the terrain will be important. The condition of the property is of course, important — be sure to check the quality of water towers, for example, as a location where disrepair isn\’t always quite so visually evident. Is the property near enough to a town center or important equestrian location that people will make the trek to come look at your horses? What facilities come with the property and what will you have to build or install yourself? There are equestrian realty firms that often specialize in horse ranches and can help advise you in finding the perfect place for you to carry out your vision.
Your ranch can be your oasis — a perfect escape of splendor, natural beauty, and seclusion. You can focus on your ranch and animals and grow a wonderful and lucrative business if you play your cards right and know what you\’re looking for. Consider looking into horse properties today or consulting with an equestrian realty firm!