Why You Should Use a Carbon Fiber Cane


Approximately 6.8 million Americans use some form of mobility device, like a cane or a walking stick, to assist their mobility. There are many forms and styles of canes, from wooden canes to custom and decorative canes, and each has their own set of advantages.

One of the most popular and highly used is the carbon fiber cane, which is made from the same materials as aircrafts and is highly durable. These carbon fiber canes are able to withstand years of abuse, and come ultra lightweight, perfect for long walks or traveling.

They can even come as folding canes, to make them easier to store for their owners.

Carbon fiber canes receive some of the best reviews from customers, being lighter and stronger than titanium canes, and have some of the best quality. They primarily are used in countries like the UK, USA, Germany, and France.

What You Should Know

Carbon fiber can be made unbelievably lightweight for its strength, with canes about to support the weight of an individual of more than 250 lbs. It\’s used in thousands of industries for a wide variety of products that benefit from its strong, lightweight, nature.

They do tend to scratch easier than titanium or aluminum, but that does not detract from their strength. To protect it from scratches you can get a walking stick holder for it when not in use.

Common Features

Carbon fiber canes can come with a variety of features and colors depending on the desires of their owners. You can get them in any color you want, and with custom details and designs, should one desire it.

A common feature of the canes is making them adjustable for the customers to find their most appropriate size, without having to cut the length of the cane.

The largest benefit of these canes is, of course, their light weight. This is important given that just under 40% of Americans over 85 are the owners of mobility assistance devices, and so a lightweight, but strong, cane would be the best option.

If you have an interesting design for a cane, or own a cane with interesting features, please comment and tell us about it below. We\’re interested to see what you\’ve come up with!