Your Last Minute Wedding Planning Checklist

The first smart step in planning a wedding is to envision what you want it to be like. Take your time and think about everything you want your most memorable day to be, and then plan around your own ideas.

The video below discusses wedding planning and some of the items you should make sure you have before you have your wedding event.

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The next tip about planning a wedding is to decide on a date early. Once you set a date, you\’ll have more of an idea of how much time you\’re working with and which parts of the wedding you should prioritize.


Your budget needs to be an area of concern as well. Looking at your budget will help you to figure out what types of entertainment you can buy for the wedding and how much you can spend on catering, videographers, and so forth.

You will also need to choose the perfect venue for the event. Choose a site where both you and your impending spouse will enjoy yourselves. You can choose a beach wedding, a church event, or something else. Ensure that all of your guests can make it to the site and that you secure your hotel reservations ahead of time if you\’re going out of town.