5 Reasons Why The Terrible Twos Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

Parents come to dread the time when their child goes through the terrible twos. But, dealing with toddler that is opinionated, loud, bossy and fussy can potentially be a good thing. Yes, you read that right! Here are five reasons why the terrible twos can be a blessing in disguise. 1. It will make them […]

3 Reasons Amish Make the Best Wooden Outdoor Furniture

There\’s something about a nice backyard/patio setup that can turn a nice place, into a truly incredible home. Whether you\’re looking for corner sheds, pergolas, tables, chairs, or any other kind of outdoor equipment, Amish wooden outdoor furniture is one of the best choices you can make. Amish have been well-known for their outdoor wooden […]

Ranch and Farm Owners for Over 100 Years Recognized at State Fair

There are ranches and farms for sale all over the United States. Some people think that owning agricultural property like that can be too difficult to upkeep and is \”too much work.\” Well, those people don\’t deserve to own beautiful ranch and farm property. Some of the more brave families, who can handle the workload, […]

Celebrity Ranch Owners Ted Turner and Kenny Rogers

Celebrities live large. That\’s just a fact of life. Some celebrities, however, stay true to their roots and, although live quite large, are still humble. Those who experienced childhood while on beautiful pieces of agricultural property find it hard to leave that life. Even after some celebs made millions and millions of dollars, rather than […]