5 Reasons Why The Terrible Twos Can Be a Blessing in Disguise


Parents come to dread the time when their child goes through the terrible twos. But, dealing with toddler that is opinionated, loud, bossy and fussy can potentially be a good thing. Yes, you read that right! Here are five reasons why the terrible twos can be a blessing in disguise.

1. It will make them into a better leader

This is a time in your toddler\’s life where they will become more independent. You must learn to channel this because their independence will help to mold them into a natural decision maker. You may have a future CEO on your hands, and in order to manage them without going crazy make sure to offer them as many choices as possible. This will help them have confidence in their decisions, and they will be happier overall.

2. They are channeling their budding creativity

While the parents might not find some of their toddler\’s antics to be funny, the truth is that your toddler is actually expanding their way of thinking. They will be approaching everything they do with new passion, and it may inspire their future experiences. Have a child who likes to sing and listen to music? Perhaps try them on music lessons to channel their potential. What about coloring? Providing more mediums for them to explore can change their negative attitude.

3. They develop their own sense of adventure

You think that terrible twos behavior of climbing on everything is dangerous? When properly supervised, it is not. Instead, you are letting your child enter the world of self-discovery, and this gives them a chance to realize their limits while doing things on their own.

4. They are learning to harness their voice

Think those toddler screaming tantrums are only there to annoy you? This is not true, in fact your toddler is learning how to express their emotions. While they might not be doing it properly at first, letting their frustrations out is an important part to developing a sense of trust with your child.

5. They are learning healthy habits

Dealing with a picky eater toddler is not an easy thing. But if you supply them with healthy food to choose from, then they will be able to make their own decisions on what they like and don\’t enjoy. These healthy eating habits will stay with them down the road, giving them a healthy lifestyle from the start.