3 Chic Gifts for New Parents

In 2006, every woman in the United States had 1.86 children on average. In the last decade, this number has increased to an average of 2.07 children per woman. New moms deserve some pampering, and these three gifts for parents of newborns are sure to do the trick.

1. A Baby Blanket Made of Cashmere.

Nothing spells comfort like warm, cozy cashmere. Moms of newborns can swaddle their new baby in softness with your gift of a luxurious cashmere baby blanket. Choose one with an adorable design that little ones will keep on loving as they continue to grow.

2. A Chic Mommy Wrap.

New moms want gifts that are fashionable as well as functional. A gift of an elegant momma wrap allows a mother to discreetly and conveniently breastfeed her baby on-the-go without sacrificing one iota of style. Romper.com suggests different types of chic, trendy breastfeeding covers that are so versatile and attractive that they can be worn as an accessory. For an added touch of luxury, select one that\’s made of cashmere. Mommy and baby will both thank you for the soft comfort.

3. A Baby Gift Set.

When nothing but the best will do for a baby gift, a cashmere baby gift set is the perfect solution. Johnstons of Elgin suggests a cashmere gift set consisting of an adorable hat, tiny booties, and warm mittens.

One thing that new parents simply can\’t do without is a large tote bag to carry all of their baby\’s necessities. However, that\’s no reason to forget fashion. For an added bonus they\’ll love you for, pop the gift set into a baby tote bag, toss in a gift certificate for a couple\’s spa day, and give the whole kit and kaboodle to the proud parents as a gift. Offer to babysit for them during the spa session. The time out will be much appreciated. Moms and dads alike will love the sleek, sophisticated style of the tote, and they can continue to use it for many other purposes after they no longer need it as a carrier for baby items.

When selecting gifts for parents of newborns, consider gifts that are useful as well as stylish. You can\’t go wrong with a luxurious baby blanket, a chic momma wrap, or an extravagant gift set. And just remember, the best baby gift of all is love.