The Benefits of Attending a Private High School

When raising a child, few things are more important than the education they receive, education which can affect the rest of their lives. When children reach high school, the last stage of primary education, many parents have to decide if their child should attend public school or private school. A quarter of all schools in the United States are private schools. There are advantages of attending private schools and this article will look at what they are.

Private schools, as their name implies, are privately funded educational institutions. This means they don\’t rely on funding from the government. As a result of this, students who attend private schools are usually charged some form of tuition to attend. However, the trade off is students can receive a first-class education, especially at the high school level, which can help prepare them for entering college. Almost 95% of students who graduate from a private high school go on to a postsecondary college institution. Students who attend private school typically score higher on the SAT as well (which is often critical for being accepted to college). The average SAT score for private schools is around 1235, compared to an average of 1060 at public schools.

The private school curriculum can also be specialized in ways that public school can\’t be. For instance, students wishing to specialize in the arts can attend performing arts high schools that allow students to focus on studying theater, drama, music, or dance, depending upon their interests or talents. By spending four years immersed in performing arts at the high school level, students wishing to study the performing arts in college can receive a jump start in learning that can boost their experience in college.

In conclusion, there are several benefits to having your child attend private high schools. Students attending private schools can receive a first-class education that increases the likelihood of students going on to study in college. Private high schools also have the benefit of being able to provide specialized curriculums. This can be seen, for example, in private performing arts schools that have curriculums built around music, dance, drama, or theater. These are all great benefits to attending a private school and this should be taken into consideration when deciding which school your child should attend.