3 Reasons Family Benefit From Convenient Care


It\’s important that families receive timely primary medical care. You don\’t want your loved ones to be dealing with having to visit multiple locations. One of the most understandably confusing situations for parents happens when wondering whether medical conditions should be taken care of through either urgent care or at the ER. With that in mind, a new kind of care system has been created known as convenient care. It\’s understandable to wonder why many families are beginning to prefer this form of care over the standard ER vs urgent care debate. Considering that, here are three reasons that convenient care facilities are perfect for families.

  1. Receiving the Care Your Family Needs

    When sickness finds its way into your home, it\’s understandable to seek timely primary medical care. With that in mind, you\’ll find it\’s wise to seek out a convenient care facility in order to have both urgent and emergency facilities under one roof. This means not being sent to the ER from an urgent care facility. In addition, this means not receiving an emergency room bill for something that could have been taken care of by an urgent care facility. In fact, statistics show that over 70% of emergency room visits in which patients have consumer sponsored insurance coverage are for situations that weren\’t actual emergencies.
  2. Not Having to Visit Multiple Locations

    It\’s important to find a family medical center that can take care of many types of conditions. After all, you don\’t want to find yourself having to drive all over town in order to have your family medically treated. You\’ll find that cutting out the confusion regarding which illnesses require which types of treatment will help you avoid unnecessary stress. In fact, statistics show that anywhere between 44-65% of all ER situations could have been handled at an urgent care facility. Considering that, you\’ll find that combining ER and urgent care is the perfect way for families to seek convenient medical treatment under one roof.
  3. Receiving Accurate Bills for Care

    One drawback of visiting the emergency room for conditions treatable through urgent care treatment is the bill you\’re likely to receive. Luckily, there are certain programs to help those that can\’t afford ER bills. However, it\’s wise to visit a facility that combines both urgent and ER facilities. This way you\’re able to have timely primary medical care without receiving a bill from the emergency room.

In closing, it\’s important that your family is able to seek out the best place for medical treatment. If you want to skip debating whether to go to the emergency room or an urgent care center, it\’s wise to seek out convenient care. This form of care combines both of the previously mentioned facilities within one location. In turn, this allows busy families to all be able to receive medical treatment without having to drive across town.