From Wi-Fi Connectivity To Neighborhood Choosing The Right Furnished Apartment This Year


It\’s time to move again. Instead of viewing this as a chore, look at it as another journey on the way to your best life.

A furnished apartment should do more than just put a roof over your head. It should supplement a vibrant lifestyle with a strong community, convenient locations and a price that matches your budget. While many view this as a match made in heaven — even impossible — the fact of the matter is quite different. Apartment living doesn\’t mean you have to compromise. Apartments for rent in Bridgeport are designed with the all-in-one model in mind, providing quite a few people with the experience they\’ve been craving for years. Let\’s take a look at what that entails and how you can do more than just move to another place.

You can fully embrace the next step in your life.

Did You Know?

Just where do you stand amid all the wanderlust and packed bags? Turns out the average American will move around 12 times in their lifetime, with this number increasing and decreasing depending on budget, lifestyle choices and personal interest. Renting by choice is also more popular than you may think. Over 50% of respondents to a recent survey stated renting to be a superior choice to owning a home, citing the smaller budget and reduced stress as to why they\’d rather have a furnished apartment.

Renters In America

What do renters generally prefer in the United States? Turns out things haven\’t changed all that much. It\’s estimated over 42 million housing units are occupied by renters in the country, with 2014 data by Census ACS showing 35% of households being rented. Americans rent for all sorts of reasons, to boot. Some decide to pack up their bags and look for a new community when they\’re expecting a child, needing a supportive neighborhood where the entire family can feel safe. Others feel the road calling their way when they\’ve stagnated in one location for far too long.

General Browsing Preferences

Everyone wants something a little different out of their furnished apartment. Yet, when it comes to browsing, a simple and easy method of getting useful information is always high on the list. A recent study found 25% of rental residents being renters by choice, rather than pushed into the decision because of a lack of options. A recent study found over 50% of residents actively testing their mobile connectivity during their apartment tour, with the vast majority at 95% stating good reception is a very important quality to have. Just 70%, however, stated the coverage at their community was good enough.

Future Moving Trends

Where are people going to go from here? Corporate apartments and a personal furnished apartment are increasingly popular choice for those on a budget and disinterested in the responsibility of homeownership. Harvard\’s Joint Center For Housing Studies has projected an upwards of four million new renters over the next decade, meaning more options than ever are going to be cropping up to better meet demand. Compare this to the 30% renter figures in 2004 climbing to 35% in 2012. What should you expect when searching for your new roots?

Choosing The Right Apartment For Your Lifestyle

When finding a furnished apartment that compliments your lifestyle you need to remain honest with your needs. Failing to take note of even the smaller details can leave you dissatisfied. Save yourself the trouble and keep these little tips in mind. A general rule of thumb is you should spend up to 30% of your monthly income on rent. For college students living on loans or working part-time, aim for the most affordable price so you\’re not left struggling at the end of the month. Try to look at a good range of apartments, too, and ask as many questions as you can when browsing.

Apartments for rent are going fast. Take a look and see what\’s waiting for you.