What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?


Did you know that the position in which you sleep can say a lot about your personality? Below you will find a list of the six sleeping positions and how they relate to personality and behavior.

What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

  1. Fetal Position
    A whopping 41% of people sleep in the fetal position, crowning it the most common of all sleep positions. As you lie on your side with your legs curled up towards your chest, you are sleeping in the same position you did when you were in your mother?s womb. Perhaps this is why most of us find it to be the most comfortable.

    People who snooze in this sleeping position, they say, are a little more rough-around-the-edges, but also have a sensitive side. Fetal-sleepers might be shy at first, but they loosen up soon enough. Studies show that twice as many women as men adopt this sleeping position.
  2. Log Position
    If you ?sleep like a log,? you find yourself on one side with your arms and legs straight down. You may look a bit rigid in this position, but you are anything but uptight. Log-sleepers are easy-going, social, and very trusting, but tend to be a little bit gullible, as well.
  3. Yearner Position
    Yearner?s are said to be suspicious and cynical, though they are also inviting and open to new things. The yearner position looks a bit like the log; however, the sleeper?s arms are stretched out in front of them rather than straight down.
  4. Soldier Position
    If you sleep in the soldier position, you are on your back with your arms and legs straight down. You resemble a soldier standing at the ready. Unfortunately, the quality of your sleep may be suffering even if you are lying atop the most comfortable bed. Studies show that people who sleep in this position do not always get a good night sleep and they are more likely to snore.

    Soldier-sleepers are said to be quiet and reserved, and they hold themselves and others to high standards.
  5. Starfish Position
    Studies show that only 5% of people sleep this way, so it is one of the least common sleeping positions. Starfish-sleepers lie on their backs with their hands up near their head. They can appear to be entranced by a deep thought. Like solder-sleepers, however, starfish have a hard time getting a good night?s sleep.

    If you sleep like a starfish, you are a good listener and a great friend, and you generally try to avoid being the center of attention.
  6. Free-Fall Position
    Free-fallers tend to sleep on their stomachs, their heads turned to one side. They may also wrap their arms around a pillow. If you sleep in this position, you are said to be outgoing and playful, but anxious and brash.