5 Tips for Throwing an Amazing Outdoor Party

If you\’re looking to hold a great outdoor party, whether it be for an engagement party, a bridal shower or baby shower, or even just a child\’s birthday party, there are some secrets we can let you in on that will make your party amazing! Outdoor parties can be wonderful any time of the year, especially when the air is cooler and you can catch a slight breeze. However, the summer months make great outdoor party times as well because you can easily host a pool party! If you\’re looking to throw a party that will definitely stand out from the crowd, here are five tips to make it an unforgettable experience.

1. Start with the invitations

Invitations are important for two reasons: you can make your guests feel special by sending them an actual paper invite (which is old-school, we know), but also, so that guests can RSVP and you can have a proper headcount so that you can gauge just how much space, equipment (rental chairs, table linen rentals, etc.) and food that you will need to purchase in order to be sure everyone is accounted for. There are so many different ways you can design your invites, and you can go with pre-printed ones at the store, have them custom made, or even make your own with an awesome DIY tutorial!

2. DIY Decorations

There is no need to spend a whole lot of money for the party you are throwing in order for it to look fabulous! There are several DIY centerpieces and other decor ideas on sites such as Pinterest and on several different blogs across the internet. Have fun making your own creations without breaking the bank!

3. Renting chairs and tables

You can make your party stand out by renting chairs and tables that allow for guests to feel comfortable at during your outdoor party. You might also want to look into a tent rental if you plan on hosting an event that takes place during the summer months. Tents can offer shade and allow for your guests to feel cooler and more comfortable.

4. Food and drinks

Have you thought about what kind of food and drinks you will have at your party? Are you serving alcohol? Are you going to have a hot chocolate bar instead? Again, you can find many fun ideas for food and drinks across blogs on the internet, or you can choose to purchase pre-made food from a nearby deli. Either way, be sure to consider your headcount from the invites and purchase enough food and drinks for your guests!

5. Get the music going

There is nothing like a party with some good music! Be sure to invest in a DJ or a friend that can man the DJ booth during the party and play some of the best tunes. Music helps keep the vibe of the party fun and upbeat, and allows for people to dance!

You would be surprised just how much goes into planning a great party, and how little details (like renting chairs and tables) could make such a difference! Do you have any tips for throwing a great outdoor party? Let us know in the comments below!