Six High End Finishes To Look for When Renting Luxury Apartments

If you are currently looking at luxury apartment rentals, you are probably interested in all the amenities that apartment living can offer. This could include anything from planned amenities to simply locating a pet friendly apartment. One thing that makes the best luxury apartments and luxury townhomes stand out from the others are the high end finishes that signal someone has taken that last extra step to provide the highest quality living area possible. Here aren six high end finishes that are worth keeping an eye out for. If you spot them, you know that both the landlord and the designer have put some serious thought and effort into the space.

  1. An artistic and calm living room. Most people think of the living room is just a place to sit around the television. If you\’re lucky, a typical apartment landlord might put in an attractive sitting area so that you can have friends visit. But a truly well-designed and luxury space will consider the living area as a place for inspiration and calmness. The colors, the window treatments, the flooring, and the wall decorations should all work together to present an inviting and relaxing space. This includes a sturdy but functional coffee table, with a few decorations to show you the possibilities for how to use the space for yourself.
  2. A brand-new kitchen island. The kitchen island is a great way of opening up the space and making it feel more pleasant both to cook and to eat in. It\’s one of the most coveted high end finishes on the market today, and with good reason. The kitchen island opens the space, gives you more room to work with, and adds some inviting seating.
  3. High end finishes in the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just the kitchen island. People who are paying for exceptional amenities in their furnished apartment and looking for high end finishes are planning to entertain. A kitchen with a specially designed serving nook for drinks or coffee and tea feels elegant and welcoming. You should also look for custom cabinets that both provide storage and aesthetic qualities. Open the cabinets and look for interior organizers and extra shelves.
  4. A special use of space. One of the most inviting high-end finishes is an unusual, iconic, unique use of a space. It could be a small desk sunk into the back wall of the kitchen. It could be a coffee and tea serving area in a room of the house other than the kitchen. These kinds of intentional, thoughtful uses of space indicate that someone has put a lot of time, effort, and love into the apartment.
  5. Heated floors as high end finishes. Who doesn\’t love a heated floor? A heated floor in the bathroom is a wonderful addition, particularly in cold climates. But apartments with high end finishes will think to include heated floors in unexpected but appreciated places such as a basement, a mud room, or even a bedroom. It\’s this kind of amenity that can make all the the difference when you make your final choice.
  6. An inviting bathroom. The bathroom is one of the places you should look first for the type of high-end finishes that indicate a truly luxury unit. Vanities and mirrors should be of the best quality and designed to turn small bathrooms into a relaxing place. Wall sconces are great way to brighten up the bathroom and give it a warm and inviting look. You want the bathroom to be a place that you enjoy being in; not a place that you hate.

A luxury apartment is an investment, and you should look for the type of high end finishes and amenities that indicate the landlord has put thoughtful effort into making the property worth the asking price.