A Look Behind The Importance Of Charitable Donations

For many people, charitable giving is simply a part of life. In fact, up to 3% of the collective income earned over the course of the year will be given to charity. In addition to this, nearly three quarters of all people will give charitably at least once throughout the course of a year.

Of course, not everyone has the financial resources to make monetary charitable donations, as beneficial as such donations can be to charitable all throughout the world. It\’s simply a fact of life that many people are living with tight finances, potentially even paycheck to paycheck. Parting with any of that money is not really an option.

Fortunately, alternatives exist to monetary donations, allowing just about everyone to give back. For instance, used clothing donations are ideal, as most people have a surplus of clothing (or at least clothing that they no longer wear). In fact, the amount of clothing owned by the typical person has as much as doubled over the last 20 years or so. And where a women living in the United States 100 or so years ago would have around nine outfits in total, the average woman today has as many as 30 total outfits, just about one for every single day of the month (depending on the month in question, of course).

Cleaning out your closet and giving away clothes in the form of charitable donations is something that is actually likely to benefit your immensely on a personal level. After all, decluttering your home can make it easier to clean, to manage, and a far better space to live in. And more and more people are looking into minimalism, meaning that more clothing and other textile objects are being donated than ever. Giving away clothes that don\’t fit you, clothes that you haven\’t worn in quite some time, and clothes that you simply don\’t like anymore is more than ideal for so many different reasons.

Fortunately, there are many places to donate clothes that you no longer wear. For instance, the American Red Cross clothing pick up site has become hugely prevalent in many parts of the country. It\’s even likely that you\’ll find an American Red Cross clothing pick up site somewhere near you! After all, the American Red Cross is a widespread institution throughout the country and all Red Cross locations fill a tremendous need. They are all open every single hour of the day and every single day of the year as well, providing a huge variety of services.

For instance, the typical American Red Cross center will provide shelter to those who are in need. In addition to this, such a center is also likely to provide food, blankets, and even blood. Of course, donated clothing is also given away as needed. Therefore, the clothes you drop off at an American Red Cross clothing pick up site will likely be highly utilized, making the typical Red Cross clothing pick up site more than necessary in so many parts of this country.

Aside from helping people in need, the environmental benefits of donating clothing to an American Red Cross clothing pick up site are also impressive. After all, the amount of waste that the typical person generates is quite impressive indeed. In just one year, a single adult person living in the United States is actually likely to throw away as many as ten pounds of clothing alone, let alone other textiles. For many people, this happens carelessly. However, it is something that is easy to prevent – you just need to make donations to your local American Red Cross clothing pick up site instead.

And donating to an American Red Cross clothing pick up site is far easier than most people at first think. In many cases, it is simply a matter of dropping off their clothes. In fact, it takes no more effort than throwing them away would – but is far more ideal than throwing them away for so many different reasons, as have been touched upon in the prior paragraphs of this article. Hopefully more and more people will continue to make such charitable clothes donations in the years that are ahead of us.