The Benefits of Urgent Care Clinics Over Emergency Room Care

No matter what illness or injury you may face, urgent care is able to offer immediate care at all hours of the day. You don’t have to be on the verge of death or in need of the operating room to get in right away. That is one of the top benefits of urgent care clinics. With urgent care clinics available just around the corner, you never have to wait to receive quality medical care.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is similar to the emergency room, open 24/7, offering professional medical care for almost everything you could possibly imagine. You can receive treatment for everything from sprains, strains and other athletic injuries to cough, cold, or the flu. Urgent care doctors and nurses are essential resources to keep patients away from long wait times at the ER. More immediate care is offered at urgent care, and there is likely one just around the corner from your home.

24 Hour Walk-In Urgent Care Clinics

One of the benefits of urgent care is the availability of emergency medicine without the wait of the ER. There is no evaluation of whether or not your condition is more pressing than someone else’s, you will always be seen as soon as you come in. Urgent care is able to handle many patients at any time due to the highly board-certified medical staff that are always on site. You will find experienced doctors, nurses, and even lab techs at urgent care centers, just as you would at the emergency room. Therefore, you have no reason to feel that a minor illness or injury needs to wait for an appointment at your family doctor.

Additional Benefits of Urgent Care

Amazingly enough, there are many more medical services available at urgent care clinics than you would ever believe. With the amount of heroin use across the country, there is a frequent need for urgent rehabilitation at all times, and urgent care centers are able to help with this. The detox process offered at urgent care is a great benefit for many people on the verge of an overdose. Rehabilitation is also available for alcoholism. Even more troublesome due to the fact that alcohol is legal, this is a helpful factor in getting alcoholics treated and drunk drivers off the road.

When To Use the Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

The absolute best of all benefits of urgent care is the fact that is works like the emergency room without the wait. Reliable medical treatment is available immediately, but the ER is required to take in the most life-threatening illnesses first such as heart attacks, strokes, attempts at suicide, and more. Therefore, if you have something that is considered more of a minor illness, you will be waiting in the lobby for up to hours while others are treated.

Additional Unexpected Services Offered at Urgent Care

It is easy to assume that conditions like insomnia and ADHD, ADD, hormone loss, pain and more need to be put to the back of the line at your primary care physician or on the waitlist at a different treatment facility. However, if immediate care is needed the urgent care center has a number of doctors who are able to provide prescriptions, treatment, and referrals to the proper specialist if need be.

Therefore, it is helpful to understand that there are so many benefits of urgent care available that make it a quality medical resource. There is no reason to wait in line at the emergency room when that urgent care center right around the corner can take care of you the minute that you walk in.