American Healthcare Is A Gamble Improve Your Odds With Low-Cost, Convenient Local Emergency Clinics

Healthcare is one of the biggest gambles in the United States. Not only are there too many options, many of them charge you an arm and a leg, to boot.

A high medical bill isn\’t going to do much to improve your stress. Constant visits for minor problems can especially rack up the costs. Local emergency clinics, such as the 24 hour urgent care, will go a long way to help you save money. Designed as a middleman between your family doctor and the ER, these clinics will be a lifesaver in more ways than one. If you\’ve never used one before, consider taking a few minutes to read the list below.

The holidays are coming up soon. The benefits of urgent care will help you stay healthy and keep your wallet happy, all in one go. Here\’s how it works.

Embrace A Medical Market That\’s Only Growing Larger By The Day

The urgent care market is highly fragmented, with most operators only owning a few centers at a time. Despite this, it\’s also one of the fastest growing sectors of the American healthcare system. According to the Urgent Care Association Of America\’s 2016 Benchmarking Report, there are over 7,350 urgent care centers in the country. A study from the 2015 fiscal year saw these centers seeing an average of 12,000 patients each. That\’s an average of three patients every hour.

Keep The Emergency Room For Serious Conditions Only

It\’s understandable to panic during an emergency. You\’re not sure if the problem you have could get worse, but can\’t afford to wait for the family doctor. Remember that the emergency room is for life-threatening conditions only — these include (but aren\’t limited to) blunt force trauma, puncture wounds, severe burns, allergic reactions, and the onset of a heart attack. According to a recent survey on medical resources, just 3% of patients who visit urgent care centers need to be directed to an emergency service. When in doubt, urgent care will have you covered.

Double-Check The Schedule Of Your Local Emergency Clinics

The last thing you need while feeling ill is a door slammed in your face. Before you commit any clinics to memory, make sure to double-check their schedule. Some urgent care center also function as local emergency clinics, having both basic services and an ER under the same roof. Others may offer more specific services, on top of closing on Sundays and holidays. According to 2016 studies, more than one-quarter of American patients reported visiting an urgent care center in the past two years.

Ask Your 24 Walk In Clinic Location About Minor To Moderate Injuries

Have you cut yourself while cooking and aren\’t able to stop the bleeding? Are you struggling to walk on an ankle that was twisted the other day? When you have minor to moderate injuries that need tending, a 24 hour walk in clinic location can help. These settings boast some of today\’s most reliable healthcare and, even better, are well-known for short wait times. According to the same 2016 Benchmarking Report, 90% of clinics have wait times of 30 minutes or less.

Get Your Breathing Difficulties Or Abdominal Pain Causes Checked

Sometimes your symptoms aren\’t as obvious as a cut or a broken bone. Sometimes it\’s a headache that won\’t abate or nausea you can\’t quite explain. Your local urgent care clinic is home to advanced diagnostic and laboratory services, able to provide you a quick look at what\’s ailing you. The 2016 Benchmarking Report found acute upper respiratory infection, acute sinusitis, and acute bronchitis to be some of the most common issues today. Consider asking your urgent care nurse if they offer preventative care services, such as vaccinations.

Healthcare is stressful enough as it is. Reduce that stress with local emergency clinics that offer you a convenient quality and cost.