Reasons Why You Should Go For Aluminum Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming a standard fixture on more and more homes now. In the past, roofs were all about functionality. But this isn’t the case anymore. Roofing is slowly but surely becoming a statement item.

An effective roof not only keeps you and your house safe from the elements, but it complements your building and its decor. And metal roofs do that, without a doubt. With aluminum roofing, you can go wild with colors and shades, telling the world exactly who you are.

Aluminum roofing is quick and effective and can be used on anything, from your backyard shed to the roof of your new cottage. If you have just finished constructing a kennel for your dog and were wondering what to do, here is why you should spring for aluminum roofing.

1. They are Light

Aluminum roofing sheets are very lightweight. Compared to other roofing materials, they are way easier to transport. They also don’t add that much weight to the structure of the building, meaning they don’t compromise its structural integrity in any way.

2. They are Easy to Install

Aluminum roofing sheets are effortless to install. All you have to do is cut the leaves to the required size and fasten the pieces to the roof trusses. This will save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

However, if you can, you should enlist the services of commercial roofing companies to help with metal roof installation. The work may require the use of nail guns and sharp tools to cut the aluminum roofing sheets to size. You may get injured if you don’t know how to use these tools.

3. They Do Not Leak

Aluminum roofing sheets have a solid surface that ensures you never experience leakages. However, damages during installation may cause your aluminum and steel roofing sheets to experience leakage. Such occurrences are minimal and are very easy to correct.

4. They are Aesthetically Pleasing

Aluminum roofing sheets are easy to customize to fit your vision for your house. They allow you to choose any color for your home’s exterior since you can always pick a matching shade for the roof itself.

More homeowners are turning to aluminum roofing because it allows them to choose colors that make a statement about themselves. Commercial roofers will help you install your roof and paint it to the color you desire.

5. They are Malleable

Aluminum roofing sheets can bend to fit whatever shapes you want for your roof. For example, they would work effectively on arched roofs. They also work for both low-sloped roofs and high-sloped roofs. When installed by professional roofing companies, aluminum roofing sheets can be made to fit any structure and shape while still looking beautiful.

6. It Doesn’t Require Maintenance

Aluminum roofing sheets are incredibly durable. They are not corroded by rain, meaning they remain stable for a very long time. Most roofing companies give 30-year warranties on their metal roofing products, but a study shows that metal roofs often last 50 years or more if maintained properly.

7. They are Energy Efficient

Aluminum roofing sheets, unlike other roofing materials, reflect solar heat away from your house. This helps you reduce your household’s cooling costs by up to 25%!

They are also very environment-friendly. Although they aren’t biodegradable, aluminum roofing sheets can be recycled. Even after deconstructions and demolitions, metal roofing sheets are always charted off to be re-used on another construction project.

8. They are Less Susceptible to Winds

When installed correctly, aluminum roofing sheets can prove very useful in areas with harsh winds. Almost all types of roofing materials can be peeled off by strong winds. Aluminum roofing sheets, on the other hand, can be installed with a heavy-duty attachment system to provide extra structure to the roof.

Final Words

Aluminum roofing has revolutionized construction. It is a durable, malleable, reusable, customizable, and environmentally sustainable roofing option. In case you have built a small tool shed on your backyard, now you know what to use on your roof.