An Adjustable Bed Mattress May Help You Get the Undisturbed Sleep That You Need


Remember those days of sleeping with your grandmother? You, your sister, and your two cousins would all want to sleep by her so some how she managed to get into the bed with all four of you. She would be in the middle and because you girls were all so tiny you would roll toward her and the center of the bed. She had so much patience that she could lay perfectly still as she convinced all of you to pay the quiet game. Once you were all finally silent, it was just a matter of minutes before you would all be asleep. And some how your grandma managed to slither off the end of the bed and escape to another bed that she could have all to herself.
Oh, to be able to sleep that soundly again. To be able to so quickly fall asleep even when you were piled together and sleeping on a slope.
Today, getting a good night\’s rest is anything but quick and sound. The aches begin long before you crawl between the sheets and even when you are exhausted they keep you awake. In fact, the pain is becoming unbearable. The stiff neck and uncomfortable back are making it painful during the day and unbearable at night. If you do not find a way to start getting undisturbed sleep soon, you fear you will start facing other health problems.
How Old Is the Mattress That You Sleep On?
although age can bring with it the challenge of getting a good night\’s rest, sometimes the reason people toss and turn all night is that they are not sleeping on a quality mattress. Old mattresses that sink in the middle from too much use and age can make you wake up exhausted and sore. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says that the best quality mattresses still only last for nine or ten years. After that, they begin to lose support where it is needed the most.
If your mattress is old enough that you cannot really remember when you bought it, you might decide to purchase a new one. Finding the most supportive bed for your comfort may be your goal. HAve you thought about what qualities you want to look for in a new supportive bed and mattress?

  • Size. Obviously, one of the first things you need to know before buying a new comfortable bed is whether you will need a twin, full, queen, or king. Often, this is determined not only by the size of the room, but also the size and number of the people who will be using the bed.
  • Support. While once it may have been enough to know whether or not you liked a firm mattress, now consumers have other choices as well. For example, even a very firm mattress can have a very soft pillow top design. It should come as know surprise that many hotel guests find that they are sleeping really well these days. Specific hotel chains actually use, and as a result sell, very high quality mattresses with different levels of support.
  • Features. Adjustable beds are becoming more and more popular as today\’s consumers work to find a way to get the rest that they need. King size adjustable beds, for example, often provide tow separate sets of controls that can raise and lower either end of the bed. Heated beds are another feature that some patients like if they suffer from arthritis.
  • Cost. Like many things in life, when it comes to mattresses and beds, you get what you pay for. While a well made supportive bed may cost more, it will often times come with a longer warranty. On the other hand a mattress that is not known as a very supportive bed may only last one or two years. Most people find that they are happier if they purchase the best mattress that they can afford.

The average American spends nearly 3,000 hours lying on their mattress each year, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Are you willing to take the time to find the best kind of mattress that offers the support and features that you need?