California Ranchers Unaware of Gas Field Until After Leak


California ranch properties and ranch sales are being affected by gas leaks.

Many of these ranchers were not told of a gas field risk until it was too late — the leak had already happened.

KPCC reports that these property buyers signed documents saying they would be notified of any potential hazards in the community before closing their deals. High wings, fire danger, wild animals, airport noise were all discussed, but nobody notified these buyers that they were relocating right next door to one of the nation\’s largest natural gas storage fields.

The Aliso Canyon storage field has been operating since the 1930s — about 30 years before Porter Ranch homes were being built.

It wasn\’t until two months after a massive gas leak at the facility — that mention of the field was added to home purchasing contracts.

\”When we first circulated the disclosure statement we called it a red alert,\” Jim Link, CEO of Southland Regional Association of Realtors, said. \”The location is there, and where people go to get further information if they want it.\”

California ranch owner, Luan Truong purchased their ranch in June but they haven\’t been able to enjoy that wonderful land because they\’ve been forced to live in hotels while the gas leak is cleaned up.

\”It\’s been very disruptive to the family,\” Truong said. \”The day-to-day routine is just not the same. We\’re up at the hotel. We have to make arrangements to go back and forth to the house.\”

Truong — and the majority of homeowners on the property — were unaware of the gas field before they bought their land.

\”I don\’t remember any disclosure, I mean, there\’s nothing from the gas company,\” Truong stated.

More than 140 lawsuits have been filed against SoCal Gas over the gas leak.

Jeffery Kahn, real estate attorney, believes this could have been avoided. \”The realtors, like the seller, are required to make disclosure of material facts of which they are aware,\” Kahn said.

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